A touch of sweetness pastel eyeliner screams spring and summer, but it really makes for pretty eye makeup anytime of the year. “Pastel liners are the perfect introduction to wearing color because they are muted and are ideal as an accent color or as a full wash,” said makeup artist Charlie Riddle. Seduce.

While there are dozens of pastel liners on the market, including liquid, gel, pencil, and water-based formulas, the best are the ones that offer strong pigment, smooth application, and long-lasting hold. Just take it from makeup artist Delina Medhin, who once said Seduce, “the most important thing is the pigment and that [the eyeliner] glides easily on the skin. “

Depending on the look you want, whether it’s a slight cat eye, a bold winged look, or just a little bit of color along the lash line, one type of liner may work best. than another. Additionally, your comfort level and the time needed to perfect your lines should be taken into account when purchasing the best pastel eyeliner for your goals. For example: “If you want to take it slow and take your time, a gel or a pencil is probably easier,” says makeup artist Cara Lovello. Seduce.

The good news is that there is a wide range of options available, like a quick-drying liquid liner with a fine-tipped craft brush and a find under $ 10 with a 36-hour wear time. To help you find your perfect pick, we’ve rounded up the best publisher-recommended and makeup artist-approved pastel pencils in a variety of shades and prices.

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