Detail of “WE”, oil on canvas, 2021

Over the past two years, life has changed for everyone around the world. taiwanese artist Does Yu 尤瑋毅 reflects on the impact of the pandemic in her poignant painting WE (2021). It depicts a young girl with braided hair putting on and taking off her mask, highlighting some of the changes we’ve had to make to deal with the global health crisis.

The teenage figure is placed in front of a bright blue map of the world, with her head centered between Asia and the Americas. Yu’s choice of aqua blue echoes the color of the surgical mask that covers part of the girl’s face, imbuing the decor with a clinical atmosphere. While the subject’s face – gazing at something in the distance – is carefully modeled, her right hand is painted at two points on the canvas: in the left corner and over her pink shirt on the right side. Between these two sections, Yu creates a long sweeping action which in turn conveys the sense of movement of the girl moving her mask on and off her face. Likewise, the mask itself is repeated in several different places on her face and side, united only by the white elastic wrapped around the model’s ear.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope,” Yu said in an Instagram post of this painting. “To the world you can be a person, but to a person you can be the world. Dream what you want to dream; Go where you want to go; be what you want to be, for you have only one one life and one chance to do whatever you want to do.

WE part of the artist series Finalism, which is based on the act of “leaving” and rediscovering one’s potential. Another painting that focuses on the struggles of the pandemic is Transform (2021). Featuring another young female figure putting on and taking off her mask, this piece also features the English word “PROSPECT” floating against the cerulean background. Together, these pieces seem to comment on the changes everyone has had to make to fight the spread of the disease and keep people safe.

Scroll down to see close-up views of these paintings and follow Yu on instagram to keep up to date with what he does next.

Taiwanese artist Will Yu 尤瑋毅 creates expressive oil paintings.

Pandemic oil painting by Will Yu

“WE”, oil on canvas, 2021

his piece WE (2021) depicts a young girl wearing a mask in front of a blue map of the world.

Pandemic oil painting by Will Yu

Detail of “WE”, oil on canvas, 2021

Her hand moves across the canvas, as if putting on and taking off the mask.

Pandemic oil painting by Will Yu

Detail of “WE”, oil on canvas, 2021

Pandemic oil painting by Will Yu

Detail of “WE”, oil on canvas, 2021

Another painting, titled Transform (2021), features a young girl with braided hair, removing and putting on a blue mask.

Pandemic oil painting by Will Yu

“Transform”, oil on canvas, 2021

Will Yu 尤瑋毅: Website | instagram

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