Tiffanie Mang

Mandurah doesn’t have the lakes and mountains that American artist Tiffanie Mang likes to paint, but she says different landscapes have different auras and she looks forward to capturing Mandurah’s charm on canvas.

Tiffanie, who splits her time between oils and gouache and works on digital projects, was involved in recreating the artistic style of post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh for the Oscar-nominated film Loving Vincent.

She’s heading to Perth for the Outdoor Down Under outdoor painting festival, to be held in Mandurah from September 24 to 26.

Those keen to get a feel for what outdoor painting is all about will be able to see the world famous painter in action, along with nearly 200 other painters of all skill levels who will be taking part in the event.

Tiffanie fell in love with painting growing up in her hometown of San Diego, California, taking art classes from the age of six.

“I remember the first thing I drew in art class was a dog,” she says.

Tiffanie’s painting journey started in the traditional way and she didn’t discover the digital world until her freshman year of college. These days, she wouldn’t be without her tablet for everyday use.

“I always think that nothing beats mixing colors with your own hand. That’s how I learned about color theory and how to create effective color relationships. In digital, you are offered the digital color cube , and it’s very easy to just choose colors without knowing why you chose them. When I mix with gouache or oil, I can actively see how one color influences another color and understand why. J always really appreciate the tactility of mixing colors by hand – nothing gives me more pleasure than that.

Tiffanie enjoys painting natural landscapes.

“Personally, I’m not surrounded by too many mountains and forests, so when I get the chance to paint them, it’s very exciting for me.”

Palm Springs by Tiffanie Mang

And painting outdoors provides the thrill of a race against time.

Tiffanie’s digital work includes six months in Gdansk, Poland for the feature film Loving Vincentwhere she was one of 125 animating oil painters recreating the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

She is still involved in digital work and currently has two full-time jobs, one as a program manager at Proko.com and the other as a visual development artist at Marvel Studios.

Tiffanie also teaches and has conducted a number of outdoor gouache and digital workshops in California and internationally, including Curacao and London, and mentors students from around the world.

While she is in Mandurah she will hold a two day meeting Finding freedom with limitation masterclass, September 19 and 20, sharing the power of creating vignettes from a limited palette of primary colors and white.

On September 22 and 23, she will give another masterclass on The power to harness the grayswhich Tiffanie says are often underestimated and overlook the ingredients that can bring a painting to life.

This will be Tiffanie’s first visit to Australia. She expects the experience to be different from painting and teaching in other countries.

“It all depends on the students I teach, the environment and the connections I make. I have found each teaching experience in different countries to be unique and fulfilling.

And painting in different places creates different results.

“Different places have different auras and sometimes I’m successful in translating that, and sometimes not. I just go with what the landscape tells me, and let what I see drive me in the painting, not the other way around.

Painting in China

Tiffanie advises people who would like to try their hand at landscape painting to start by observing life and painting outdoors.

“Painting outdoors is an invaluable skill to perfect, it’s also free and so much fun to paint outdoors.

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and sometimes fail. I can’t stress that enough. Acknowledge these failures and ask yourself what you need to do to improve. This is the only way to learn and improve.

Tiffanie Mang’s Fall Colors

This year Outdoor Down Under will be its fourth festival and once again the general public is invited to watch the artists at work with daytime and evening paintings around Mandurah and Pinjarra.

Paintings created during the festival weekend will be on display inside the Mandurah Performing Arts Center and a wide range of works by established artists and newcomers will be available for sale.

A free beginner Outdoor experience will take place during the festival and a series of prizes will be offered to young, professional and non-professional artists.

There will also be free art activities for children and the silver chain.

The World-Wide Paint Out weekend will also be held on the weekend of September 10-11, in collaboration with the International Plein Air Painters, which brings together artists from around the world painting simultaneously outdoors.

For more information, visit www.pleinairdownunder.com/


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