Ampelmann, the Dutch offshore access provider, has signed its first contract in the US offshore wind market. An E1000 motion compensation system will be supplied to shipping and towing company Otto Candies to facilitate operations during the construction of the Southfork, Revolution and Sunrise wind farms in the North East. This marks a significant milestone for the company and will see the introduction of Walk to Work (W2W) to the US renewable energy sector.

In the third quarter of 2023, the E1000 will be installed on the inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) vessel, Paul Candies, to support the connection and commissioning of the turbines. As the system compensates for the six degrees of freedom from the vessel and the turbine, it will enable safe, consistent and reliable offshore access in sea states up to 4.5m Hs during its one-year operation.

As well as providing safe access for personnel, the system will also be used to hoist cargo, equipment and tools up to one tonne and the fuel transfer capabilities of the walkway will allow testing of generators and turbines. By converting the Paul Candies into a W2W vessel, the E1000 will allow the servicing of multiple turbines at once, dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of operations.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Otto Candies,” said Steven Kaub, Ampelmann Business Developer for US Offshore Wind, “for choosing us to facilitate this important operation. Over the years we have developed a strong relationship with Otto Candies, and their enduring confidence in our systems and services allows us to showcase what we can offer the US offshore renewable energy market.

Ampelmann has over a decade of experience in the US offshore access market and nearly 15 years of global experience in the offshore wind industry. Over the past 10 years, motion-compensated systems have become a well-known feature of the US oil and gas industry, but this will be the first time the E1000 will be used in the US offshore wind market.

“Because these are some of the first commercial-scale wind farms in the United States,” Kaub remarks, “we are especially proud to be part of this historic achievement with Otto Candies. This is a significant achievement for company, which will showcase the efficiency and safety that our systems bring to the US renewable energy sector, as it has done in Europe and Asia.Ampelmann aims to play an active role in the emerging market of offshore wind in the United States.

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