VictoriaMetrics’ data monitoring platform will be used by Open Cosmos in the launch of satellites into low Earth orbit.

A Ukrainian start-up that provides surveillance services to businesses has embarked on a new task: helping put satellites into orbit.

VictoriaMetrics has developed an open source time series database and monitoring platform.

Founded in 2018 by former engineers from Google, Cloudflare and Lyft, the company said it experienced “unprecedented growth” in the past year. It surpassed 50 million downloads in April and won customers including Grammarly, Wix, Adidas and Brandwatch.

Now, VictoriaMetrics is partnering with UK space technology company Open Cosmos to power the launch of its satellites into low Earth orbit.

Satellite launch assistance

VictoriaMetrics said its services meet the needs of organizations with increasingly complex data volumes and demand for better observability platforms. Designed to be scalable for a wide variety of industries, it offers a free version of its service and a paid enterprise option for those who want custom features and priority support.

Open Cosmos specializes in the manufacture, testing, launch and in-orbit operation of satellites. It needed an app that could provide insight into the data powering its satellites.

The space technology company has now integrated the VictoriaMetrics platform into its mission-critical satellite data distribution and control platform. Open Cosmos also uses a VictoriaMetrics feature that allows it to take measurements of satellites and ground equipment at various labs and test facilities, before uploading them to mission control software.

“The health of our customers’ space assets is very important, and VictoriaMetrics monitoring is crucial to ensuring that our satellites remain healthy, playing an indispensable role in powering our satellite warning system,” said Pep Rodeja, Open Source Ground Segment Technical Manager.

“The fact that VictoriaMetrics is completely open source has also been a huge plus, allowing us to apply the technology to space-specific problems far beyond our original expectations.”

Data is the new oil

Speaking about the company’s growth, VictoriaMetrics co-founder Roman Khavronenko told that the startup was “at the right time, in the right place.”

He said “observability” has become a priority for businesses in recent years and good systems are needed to collect and process the data.

“Data is like new oil,” Khavronenko added. “The more data you have, the more insight you have and the more predictions you can make from there.

“VictoriaMetrics was designed to meet these high scalability requirements for monitoring systems and remain simple and reliable at the same time.”

While its founders are based in Ukraine, VictoriaMetrics is headquartered in San Francisco and has a growing team spread across Europe and the United States. Khavronenko said the company’s main goal going forward is to grow its team, because success comes not from the product but from “the team behind the product.”

“Over the next three or five years, I hope we will grow and create more independent teams within VictoriaMetrics who will be able to produce even better products to grow even more, bring in better ideas and simplify observability in the world.”

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