Auto Racing Products (ARP) will undoubtedly be at the top of most performance enthusiasts list when it comes to performance bolts and fasteners. After all, they’ve been in the bolt business for over 50 years. And while most of us think of stem bolts, main bolts/studs, and head bolts/studs, the company also has other external fastener offerings when it comes to the LS engine.

External mountings are often overlooked when modifying or building an LS engine because you can reuse factory hardware. After all, you can reuse LS bolts. However, bolts can get dirty and dirty after years of use and neglect. And if you’re building a new engine, the last thing you want to do is install gross hardware.

ARP’s Chrome-Moly Black Oxide 12-Point Head Mounting Bolt Kit is shown in the image above.

So what are your options?

ARP has you covered if you are looking for high quality hardware for an LS engine build. These kits include everything you need from the oil pan to the intake manifold. And they also come in a few different options. For example, you can choose from standard hex or 12-point hex bolt heads in stainless steel or black oxide finish.

APR’s engine and accessory bolt kit for the LS includes fasteners for the intake manifold, valve covers, water pump, water neck, valley cover, front cover , rear cover and oil pan.

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