Which canvas wall art is the best?

For those looking to add a touch of class to their home décor, a quality canvas wall art can enhance any design scheme. Much of your favorite wall art can be mounted on canvas. What you choose depends on the style of your home and your aesthetic preferences.

Signwin 3 Piece Blue and White Watercolor Framed Canvas is a colorful yet minimalist design that will look great in any modern living room, bedroom or hallway.

What to know before buying a wall canvas

What is canvas wall art?

Canvas wall art is any art that is printed, painted, or mounted on a canvas. This canvas is stretched over an inside frame to give it a thick, substantial look that pops off your wall. Canvas wall art can be a painting, a graphic print, or even a photograph. Decorators love canvas wall art for its ability to make a statement and become the focal point of any room.

canvas vs poster

Canvas wall art is preferable to your typical poster print on paper for several reasons. The first is that it is much more durable. You won’t have to roll it up, fold it or crease it to move it or store it. Canvas wall art is also usually of higher print quality than a poster. While you can always mount, frame and hang your favorite posters, you can never match the drama and luxury of a canvas.

Where to hang a canvas wall

Because canvas wall art really stands out, use it to define the space you hang it in. A large piece or series looks attractive on the headboard of your bed, on the mantel or on any large empty wall. Small canvases can become exciting moments of discovery when you hang them in corners, on side tables, vanities and desks or in your kitchen or bathroom.

What to Look for in a Quality Canvas Wall Art

Print quality

A good art canvas is made to last. First, check that your art was printed in high resolution. Second, like any printed or painted image, the pigment tends to fade due to exposure to light. Make sure your art has been printed using what is called archival ink. This special ink is more resistant to fading.

Matches your decor

The style of canvas wall art you choose depends on your interior design scheme. Colorful and eclectic abstract pieces look great in bohemian, contemporary or modern homes, or you can opt for vibrant street photography. Abstract pieces that depict patterns and shapes with limited color palettes work well for a minimalist, modern, or mid-century home. Architectural, glamorous, or single-subject black and white street photography also works with these themes.

If you have a rustic or classic home, look for nature paintings and photographs with earthy, floral, or marine color palettes. Graphic prints of classic Americana fit into a farmhouse or cottage-style home, and rich, contemplative still lifes suit classic decor.


  • Natural wood: A natural wood frame plays beautifully with mid-century modern furniture. Use it if you want to tone down your centerpiece and sync it with your decor.
    Black: Perhaps the most versatile frame, a flat black border makes any job look dramatic. Not only is it suitable for photography and abstract art, but also for graphic prints. Use them in minimalist, modern or mid-century modern homes.
  • Gold: A gold setting is a matter of luxury. These have a rich history and look best in classic or rustic homes. Use them around landscapes, impressionist art and photography with rich, dynamic lighting.
  • Color: Most difficult to style, a carefully considered frame of color can be put to good use to highlight a key aspect of the art you’re hanging or help it blend into your decor. These can help accentuate a tone in a particularly colorful room to match the theme of the room, making them a good choice for boho and contemporary styles.

How much you can expect to spend on canvas wall art

Your typical framed artwork costs between $50 and $80, depending on the size. Small serial works also fall into this range. For larger works or entirely original works, expect to spend upwards of $100.

Canvas Wall Art FAQs

How do I hang my wall art?

A. Most canvases come with frames. This makes them heavy enough to require proper support. Your canvas can be mounted in a variety of ways, including D-rings, mounting brackets, or wire. Either way, make sure you have a stud finder so you can locate the studs in your wall to make sure your art doesn’t fall off. If you can’t find a dowel, use anchors.

How do I pack and store my canvas wall art?

A. When moving your wall art, be sure to protect the surface and corners of it. Wrap your canvas in plastic and put cardboard corner protectors over everything for the corners. You can also use large amounts of bubble wrap on the corners. Store your canvas upright, not flat, and don’t put anything against it except for other canvases – you don’t want to puncture or stretch the canvas.

What is the best canvas wall art to buy?

Top canvas wall art

Signwin 3 Piece Blue and White Watercolor Framed Canvas

What do you want to know: These three gorgeous watercolor prints have a ton of versatility when it comes to your interior design scheme.

What you will love: Featuring an ethereal wave that moves across all three panels, this blue and beige painting is printed with fade-resistant ink on a warm white background that really shines in mid-century modern and contemporary style homes . Each is surrounded by a natural wood frame. You can get them in 16 by 24 inches or 24 by 36 inches. They come with an accessory kit to hang them.

What you should consider: Some have noticed quality issues due to shipping and packaging.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Etsy

Top Canvas Wall Art For The Money

VibrantWallArts Modern Wall Art

VibrantWallArts Modern Wall Art

What do you want to know: You get three brightly colored prints with minimalist black designs for a graphic aesthetic that looks bold in a modern home.

What you will love: You have a choice of framed or unframed and you can buy them individually or as a set. The framed option floats in a black frame for a substantial look. They are available in four sizes and printed with latex ink on archival canvas.

What you should consider: Many are impressed with the seller’s communication and assembly skills, but this comes at a cost, with the cost of the set increasing rapidly as you increase in size.

Or buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Mafia Mountains painting in black and white on canvas

Mafia Mountains painting in black and white on canvas

What do you want to know: Consider this majestic photograph of fog-soaked mountains in black and white for a chic, urban vibe.

What you will love: The high resolution photo is printed with UV ink designed to last over 100 years. It is stretched over a polished pine wood frame. The best part about this photo is that you can get it as one solid canvas or split it into three, four or five images for a serial effect. Each frame is available in four sizes, with the largest combined set measuring 54 x 82 inches and the largest single canvas measuring 36 x 54 inches.

What you should consider: Regardless of the quality of the print, the further you go, the blurrier your print will be.

Or buy: Sold by Etsy

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