Van Gogh’s café terrace as painted on This painting is currently in stock and sells for $ 190.

The making of each oil painting is an interactive process, a website specializing in hand-painted reproductions of oil paintings, now offers its customers bespoke framing options. There are eight different frames, ranging from “plain black” to “golden silver wash”.

As an added feature of this new service, has an interactive frame selector that allows customers to see what each painting would look like in each frame. There is also an option to select a wall color, giving a realistic projection of what the framed room will look like in the house.

Brandon Fuhrmann, creator of, says: “Our oil paintings are masterpieces in themselves, made of the highest quality materials. In the past, we have always recommended our customers to have them stretched and framed. customers can fully enjoy their new work from the moment it arrives. ”

The paintings offered by the site include reproductions of works by some of history’s most renowned artists. Bestsellers include pieces by Monet, Picasso, Renoir, and Van Gogh, but there are many other artists available. A small selection of paintings are kept in stock and can be dispatched immediately, but any of the thousands of paintings offered on the site can be painted to order. Reproductions from start as low as $ 140 for a 16X20 painting.

“The making of each oil painting is an interactive process,” Fuhrmann reports. “We offer our customers free and unlimited workouts via email, to make sure they are happy with the end product. In addition, each piece is hand painted by an artist specializing in reproducing the works of the original painter of the work. “

About offers oil paintings reproductions which are hand painted by talented and experienced artists. The site offers Van Gogh reproductionsPicasso, Monet, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, and more, starting at just $ 140. Each painting is painted using premium quality oil paints on canvas. is based in East Hanover, NJ.


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