Canvas by Numbers offers its high quality paint by number kits to adults looking to get in touch with their creative side.

Painting has long been heralded as a skill that can dramatically improve physical and mental health. For this reason, it is generally recommended as an ideal hobby by doctors and therapists. However, not everyone has the innate skills to paint something worthwhile on a canvas or even create a masterpiece. This is where paint by number kits come in. These kits offer all the benefits of professional painting without the need to master complex concepts like composition and color theory. The market today offers a good selection of these numbered painting kits for all to enjoy, but those from Canvas by Numbers stand out above the rest.

Canvas by numbers is a company that aims to help everyone find their inner artist and discover new ways to express their creative side. The company has set out to achieve this goal by offering paint-by-number canvases which are a perfect way to de-stress and create beautiful home decor. Their kits, ideal for beginners and experts alike, help teach color composition, different methods of using brushes, and how to mix paints on canvas.

What sets Canvas by Numbers apart from other similar competitors is the surprisingly high quality of its products. Unlike others who mainly sell cheap kits in China, the company prides itself on offering only the best quality brushes, canvases, paints and a wide selection of colors in its kits. Its products include artist-grade canvas, are printed with Epson industrial printers (the best in the industry), high-pigment acrylics for better coverage, proprietary software to offer detailed paint-by-number designs, premium packaging range, etc They also partner with artists around the world. , so they receive part of the winnings and make them live their passion. This way you buy artwork ethically and help small artists thrive.

It is for this reason that Canvas by numbers is not cheap. However, one can rest assured that they get what they pay for.

Canvas by Numbers offers a wide selection of paintings including timeless masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh, William Morris, Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha and Kawase Hasui, among others. They also associate with modern artists like Russ Duerksen, Melinda Hipsher, Richard Macnell and Mikki Senkarik. This adds to their ever-growing painting collection, including landscapes, still lifes, abstract paintings and other unique subjects by recognized artists.

For those who want something more personal, Canvas by Numbers also offers painted by numbers kits that turn a cherished photo into a one-of-a-kind painting. The paint by number kit includes everything needed to get started, including a canvas, paint kit, brushes, instructions, reference sheet and optional frame. Moreover, the process of turning a photo into a painting is simple and easy to follow.

Founded by Frank and Ziwen, a couple in their early thirties who love painting and art in general, Canvas by Numbers started as a small American business in 2017 and has grown steadily ever since. Today, the company ships its paint by numbers for adults kits in over 35 countries and has over 65,000 satisfied customers worldwide. According to a satisfied customer, “It was a very detailed and well done painting. I ordered from them again and it was even better. Also, I accidentally ordered two of the same paintings from two different companies, and liked the canvas by numbers better. I would definitely recommend it.

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