Implementation Team UNM IT Academic Technologies – Canvas announced that Canvas is now open for course development. Instructors can request a temporary course shell to begin creating Canvas courses for future semesters.

Content from the Blackboard Learn Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 courses has been migrated to Canvas and can be copied when you begin development. Spring 2022 courses will be migrated once the full term is over, and courses from other terms (including Spring if you’re in a hurry!) can be migrated to Canvas upon request. Courses have been bulk migrated to Canvas to minimize disruption to our Blackboard Learn system as we transition to Canvas.

As a reminder, Learn will no longer be used for teaching once the Spring 2022 term is over. If faculty are teaching in the summer or fall of 2022 and plan to use Canvas to support your course, please plan to start preparing your course now. Here are some things to consider:

  • Instructors can start creating from scratch in Canvas or use your migrated content. The Course Migration Options documentation can help you decide and provides steps to get started.
  • The migrated content will be in “Read Only” format. Carefully review the content, then decide what you want to import into a temporary course shell to use for your class (choose “Copy Canvas Course”). The migration cleanup checklist will be a valuable resource as you work.
  • The Canvas service is still being rolled out at UNM, and you may notice feature additions and changes as the implementation progresses. For example, third-party integrations (such as editor integrations or Ally) may not be ready. Please check the Canvas New Releases and Updates or External Apps page of the Canvas Info site for updates.
  • A special note for instructors teaching courses that are part of Accelerated Online Programs (AOPs): Please discuss with your Program Director or Chair any unique considerations for your AOP courses before beginning any course development in Canvas.

If instructors choose to start with the migrated course content as the basis for your new Canvas course, be aware that there will still be some cleanup needed. As with moving into a new living space, students must always unpack the boxes and put their belongings away before feeling at home.

The UNM IT Academic Technologies – Canvas Implementation Team encourages faculty to start early as it will likely take some time to prepare your summer and/or fall student classes while you learn to navigate a new system. Although courses can no longer be taught in Blackboard after Spring 2022, instructors will have limited access to Blackboard for reference purposes until Summer 2023. More details will follow on this limited access license.

There are several resources to help instructors as they begin to create in Canvas:

  • Take advantage of the many self-paced courses or live webinars available to you through the Canvas Services training portal
  • Visit the UNM Canvas information site
  • Register for a Bridge to Canvas course offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Go to an Open Lab
  • Contact UNM Canvas Support.

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