New Peloton technology to support Chevron in automating data management to optimize visualization of vital well geometry and operational data

HOUSTON, April 21th2022 /PRNewswire/ — Peloton, the global leader in software solutions for the E&P industry, today announced that Chevron, the second largest oil company in the United States, has licensed the Peloton Platform solution based on the Peloton’s cloud for well data management. Peloton’s technology enables Chevron to visualize its multiple well sites around the world and manage vital operational data within a single solution, saving time while reducing cost and risk. Chevron implements the Peloton platform for all of its operations in more than 27 countries.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft Azure, the Peloton platform provides an enhanced user experience for oil and gas companies worldwide, enabling them to view and manage vital operational data across three integrated solution areas in a fully hosted platform . Significant economies of scale are achieved by managing all three solutions on a single platform, as well as the extensibility of using business integrations across the solutions and custom integrations through the ETL platform and API website.

WellView Go is the evolution of WellView on the Peloton platform incorporating new technologies and data model enhancements. This innovative and intuitive new interface offers real-time automation, integration and visualization for reliable data analysis and optimization. Customers can now move from manually entering their data to efficiently and automatically importing the exact information they need, ultimately enabling them to work smarter, not harder. A single well dashboard displays multiple reports, diagrams and time tracks that appear side by side, making WellView Go the most powerful tool for managing workflows.

“We have enjoyed working with Chevron over the past 15 years and this vision for digital transformation is a testament to the collaboration between our two companies. We are thrilled that Chevron sees the value in the Peloton platform, and we look forward to continue our strategic partnership with them for many years to come,” says Monty MelochePresident and COO of Peloton.

More than 600 energy customers worldwide rely on Peloton technology to empower their stakeholders with the tools and information needed to manage, simplify and optimize their operations.

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