Easter, spring, candies and pastels are practically synonymous, and we’ve seen plenty of candy as “giant” before. rabbitsNew Varieties Peepsand colorful Hershey’s Kisses on store shelves ahead of the April 4 holiday. The colorful Stuffed Puffs marshmallows are the only goodies we’ve seen so far, however, that are appropriately sized and packaged to swap out for traditional Easter eggs in your social distance hunt.

“Easter may look different this year, but we are excited to launch what will hopefully be a new holiday favourite,” Michael TierneyCEO and Founder of Stuffed Puffs, said in a product announcement, however, to be fair, this year’s Easter looks a lot like last year’s. “Our pastel colored chocolate filled marshmallows are wonderful treats for the holidays and will be the perfect addition to any Easter basket or egg hunt this season,” said Tierney.

Each marshmallow is stuffed with milk chocolate, colored yellow, pink or blue, and individually wrapped to optimize concealment for kids or just to keep freshness in for adults. Ten bags will only be available in line and in stores temporarily.

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