Treating yourself to regular professional manicures may not be an option. However, you can still have those salon-ready nails by opting for light, dreamy shades that make you feel good and warm in just one look. These soft colors would be a nice complement to a floral dress, or your monochromatic outfits or even for those days when you just want to keep it low key. Another key importance of these shades is that they blend well with all seasons and all skin tones. Just one look at these pastel tones makes you feel good. To inspire your selection, we’ve come up with our pick of the best pastel colored nail polishes to expand your collection.

These pastel nail polishes are worth every season

Each of us can easily wear pastel nail polish.

1. Set of three Miniso pastel nail polishes

These come in a pack of three. These nail polishes contain no harmful chemicals and allow you to have a long lasting finish.

(808 ratings and 5,511 reviews)

2. House Of Makeup Pastel Nail Polish

This nail polish in soothing colors gives a luminous finish and also dries easily. It has a vegan, cruelty-free formula and is free of chemicals.

(49 ratings and 162 reviews)

3. Bad Company Pastel Nail Polish

This nail polish with a chip-resistant formula helps dry quickly and seals in color for up to 6 days. It is additionally UV filtered to prevent fading.

(170 ratings and 745 reviews)

4. Faces Canada Pastel Nail Polish

This pastel colored nail polish gives a shiny finish. It lasts longer and also gives good color in one pass.

(22 ratings and 210 reviews)

5. Sery Pastel Nail Polish

This nail polish with its soothing color palette gives a shiny finish. It is smooth and dries quickly in one minute. This glossy nail paint seals in color for 6 days.

(33 ratings and 216 reviews)


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