(PRESS RELEASE) Rhonda Jacobson of Cumberland Diamond Exchange, Smyrna, GA, won the original artwork titled “New York State of Mind,” painted by Christopher Slowinski, founder and owner of Christopher Designs. Responding to her victory, Rhonda said, “In my opinion, when you get an original work of art, you also receive a piece of the artist’s soul – a real treasure. It’s the best gift of all! I knew Christopher was a talented jewelry designer, but I’m amazed at how gifted he is, too. I can’t wait to hang this gorgeous New York skyline in our store and share the Christopher Designs story with all of our customers who come in.

The original oil painting titled “New York State of Mind”, is an oil on canvas and measures 30 “X 30”. The piece was painted by designer himself, Christopher Slowinski, and is a tribute to Lower Manhattan in New York City. The scene depicts the juxtaposition of the old and the new showing the architectural details of the Brooklyn Bridge next to the recently completed One World Trade Center. Slowinski used a painterly technique in pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue.

The drawing took place at the Christopher Designs booth at JCK Las Vegas and the painting was shipped to the winner in Georgia on Sunday afternoon, June 2, 2019.

The raffle was open to all retailers who attended JCK who made and held their appointment with the designer brand.


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