Sophisticated, subtle, strength: John Simpson and Christopher Dove of CoCre8an education-based duo mastering the industry’s leading hair color formulations and techniques, create a collection designed to take on both natural and artificial glamor with every change of hair.

“Duality was created to show exactly what our educational method and voice is,” say Simpson and Dove. “We offer a method of using cuts, colors and finishes to suit each salon’s culture and product choice. These are levels, tones, lines and layers! It’s CoCre8.

Hair: Christopher Dove and John C Simpson of CoCre8
Fashion: Christopher Dove
Reconcile: Joel Vera Sebastian and Adam Fleischhauer
Photography: Matt Licari

Purple Fade Mosaic

1. Isolate the elongated triangle and thin the hair from scalp to ends.

2. Apply base to remaining hair (10 volume + 5AX). Treat, shampoo, condition, dry.

3. Use horizontal slices and apply accent shades. Create your design with minimal mixing (L’ANZA Vibes Red, Blue, Teal). The tones will flow naturally as they are familiar in level. Repeat throughout. Process, shampoo, condition.

oil slick

1. Lift the desired area to complete the cut in a back-to-back sheet method.

2. Apply base to remaining hair 10 volume + 3 V. Treat, shampoo, condition and blow dry.

3. In pre-thinned areas, take thin slices from back-to-back sheets. Apply accent colors in a pattern and lightly “diffuse” into each other (L’ANZA Vibes Violet, Magenta, Blue, Teal). Repeat until it’s all done. Process, shampoo, condition.

Fade color

1. Raise the canvas to a clean 9/10 level. Shampoo and conditioner.

2. To cleanse and moisten the hair, apply “platinumizer” to cool and remove excess heat from the cortex (equal parts 20 volume + 10 P + water). Process 5-10 minutes. Shampoo and conditioner.

3. Apply base shadow (L’ANZA Vibes Blue). Apply only the amount of color needed to prevent color bleeding. Saturate.

4. In the triangle sections, saturate the middle with medium shadow (L’ANZA Vibes Blue + Clear). Diffuse with the side of your brush for an even blend.

5. At the ends of the triangle, apply and mix the end tint (1 part blue + 2 parts clear).

6. Between triangles throughout the interior, diffuse and blend accent shades (L’ANZA Vibes 3 part Teal + 1 part Clear, 3 part Violet + 1 part Clear).

pastel progressions

1. Elevator to level 9/10. Apply “Platinumizer” to clean, damp hair for 5-10 minutes (equal parts 20 volume + 100P + water). This rids the hair of excess heat while cooling the canvas for color longevity.

2. Create a deep base shade on short hair from the parietal down (Red + Clear).

3. Start with the lighter side of the room. Create a progression by applying a mid-shade tint streak (Magenta + Light) from the base. Then apply the tip color (1 part Magenta + 2 parts Clear) and diffuse all 3.

4. On the heavy side of the piece, take triangular sections and di use the base with the color of the ends.

5. Take small triangular “shadow spaces” in between and apply a medium tint of shadow to the lighter parts on both sides. Apply accent shades creatively on the ends for a pastel progression (3 parts transparent + 1 part red and 3 parts transparent + 1 part purple). This gaze that moves and changes, appears deep or light with each shift.

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