Dataphyte, Nigeria’s renowned data journalism platform, has launched the first climate data hub aimed at helping journalists and civil society organizations access country-specific climate data and policy information.

Dataphyte Founder Joshua Olufemi said in a statement that the hub will provide data, research publications, status reports and analysis, maps and other visualizations to help various users with information to enable them to better understand climate change in Nigeria.

He said, “Similarly, the platform will feature conversations from the ongoing COP 27 conference in Egypt this month, relevant social media updates and conversations about the 2023 floods in Nigeria.

“This comes in response to critical climate issues of nature, food, water, industry decarbonization and climate adaptation. The flooding of 100 LGAs across 33 states in Nigeria has brutally reminded that no country or region is immune to the climate crisis.

“Three critical challenges have been identified by stakeholders to have exacerbated the level of damage, loss and displaced livelihoods suffered by floods across Nigeria. First, the lack of climate change information and warnings Early flows flow from government institutions to citizens and groups.The gap has supported conventional citizen practices that have cost them their lives and livelihoods, but also worsened the effect of climate change on their communities.

“Secondly, there is the lack of aggregate and ground-based data on climate change and related issues such as agriculture, energy, health, transport and water.

“Thirdly, various incidents such as floods, desertification, sea level rise, gas flaring and oil spill are rocking the country, and addressing these issues required data-driven decisions. Access to data and data-driven information is critical to finding rapid solutions to floods, building climate-resilient food systems that can cope with the growing global food crisis, and achieving a sustainable and resilient net zero future.

He further explained that the climate data center would give citizens a chance to contribute through climate reporting, which would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build resilience and adapt. to the inevitable impacts of climate change, as well as being a tool to hold the Nigerian government accountable. to its commitments to climate action in the face of increasingly extreme weather events and other effects of climate change.


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