Pastel colors have dominated the markets for some time, whether in decoration or fashion. This year, also for Diwali gifts, pastel colors have found their place in Diwali gifts. From gift boxes to the snacks they contain, pastel is the trend for the festivities this time around.

“The aesthetics of the gifts are very important and the right colors can grab people’s attention,” says Fatima Hussain, who deals with corporate gifts, adding, “Pastel colors have improved the aesthetics of the business. packaging because they give not create a calming effect. Pastel colors also work for social media photos. ”

Baker Shankar Manglani says pastel colors are the new Diwali craze. “People are asking for pastel-colored boxes instead of brightly colored ones. I also get requests to fill these boxes with pastel-colored snacks, which can be perfect for any occasion, ”says Shankar.

Diwali snack boxes now go beyond mithai and dried fruit and Shikha Puri, which sells artisan and gourmet tea, shares, “This Diwali, we got so many tea orders because it’s such a big part. of the Indian tradition of gifts. Our packaging is also all pastel because it gives a young look to the products. We experimented with the colors of our packaging. Something that is well packaged is well accepted, ”says Shikha.

Chef Meenal Rai Shejwar says the pastel-colored snacks have the power of subtlety, brightening up everything around. “Diwali being the festival of lights, going for pastel tones helps make everything stand out. Any more vibrantly colored mithai or dessert can look gorgeous in a pastel toned gift box. This can be filled with snacks like macaroons, short-lived cookies, grissini, etc. », Explains Meenal.


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