Donald Trump doodle and rare oil painting of the late John F Kennedy up for auction (File)

Would you like to get your hands on a colorful piece of history? And two ? Artworks by US President Donald Trump and the late President John F Kennedy are expected to be auctioned. A signed New York skyline doodle by Mr. Trump is expected to cost at least $ 15,000. Mr. Kennedy’s work, a signed oil painting from 1955, is expected to fetch over $ 50,000.

Mr. Trump’s doodle was originally donated to charity in 2005.

“Over the years, Mr. Trump has occasionally drawn views of New York City for donation to worthy charity auctions. The example offered here dates from 2005 and was donated to the organization St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters in New York “, USA -based Heritage Auctions writes on its official website.

“It’s boldly signed with a clearly legible ‘Donald Trump’ signature (it’s interesting how Mr. Trump’s signature has changed over the years, as more recent iterations are much less readable),” adds the House of auction.

Mr. Kennedy’s brightly colored oil painting depicts the skyline of a city on the waterfront. It is believed to be a scene from the south of France and is believed to have been painted when he was still a young senator.

“Unlike other recent presidents … JFK was not endowed with great artistic talent”, Heritage Auctions written. “Perhaps that is why he rarely painted or drew. Based on information provided by the sender, this is one of only two paintings known to Kennedy.” Interestingly, a black and white photo of Mr. Kennedy working on an easel, with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy looking over his shoulder, will also be sold with the painting.

Heritage Auctions will close the auction featuring the signed artwork of the two politicians on December 2. So, if you are planning to place a bid, you still have some time to do so. Click for more trending news


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