According to a recent article, DreamsPainter was named the best oil painting company by a professional Florida art critic.

In her latest interview, Sally Davenport, a professional art critic from Florida, named Dreams Painter the best oil painting company. She did an in-depth review of the top four oil paint companies and spent over $1000 to help readers find the best place to buy their custom oil paints. The companies examined were: paint your lifeMaven Art, DreamsPainter and Portrait Flip.

Speaking to the media, the CEO of DreamPainter said, “Being named the Best Oil Painting Company was a real honor for us at DreamsPainter. In over ten years of experience, we have valued nothing more than the satisfaction of our customers. In order to thank our customers for their support over the years, Dreamspainter has made a comprehensive product and service upgrade this year.

1. Rigorous selection and training of our artists. Portraiture is different from landscape painting and requires more advanced painting skills. DreamsPainter guarantees that every artist they cooperate with has more than 20 years of painting experience and is very good at portrait painting.

2. Use the best paints to complete the job. DreamPainter knows that every oil painting is the most precious memory for its customers. At the same time, it also has a very high artistic value, worthy of being preserved for more than a hundred years and transmitted from generation to generation. DreamPainter team consider it our responsibility to choose the best quality oil paints to avoid fading and cracking for longer preservation.

3. $80 Dream Fund. DreamPainter tries to help more customers achieve their dreams, and to do that, they keep their prices affordable (without compromising print quality). On top of that, they are also offering an exclusive $80 Dream Fund (Click and use the Code:DP80) for each new customer.

As Sally Davenport said in her interview, “It’s true that at DreamsPainter we always strive to do the best job and make customer satisfaction our top priority, and do our best to provide a fast customer support.”

Over its ten years in the market, Dreampainter has made thousands of happy customers, brought many touching stories to canvas, and brought smiles and tears of happiness to many homes. They know their responsibilities and appreciate the power of art to bring their loved ones together and make their dreams come true.

“We are honored to be named the Best Oil Painting Company again, and for that we have to thank Sally Davenport and our multiple customers once again. We look forward to bringing your dreams,” added the CEO of DreamsPainter.

Dreampainter is also doing a livestream on TIKTOK (@dreamspainter_official) Monday to Friday from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

To see Sally’s original review article, visit: Florida

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