The epidemic has changed the world political and economic order, accelerating the transformation of globalization. Many issues such as blocked supply chains, labor shortages, energy crisis, high inflation, continued trade protection, etc., remain unresolved, and the global economy and financial markets are in upheaval. Oil and food prices have risen, and even global inflation has deteriorated, and the pressure on the global economy and the stock market has increased sharply.

The global economic situation is down, the real economies of many countries around the world are in trouble, and the development of offline industries has been badly affected by the epidemic, which has led most companies to lay off. According to market research statistics, the unemployment rate in Canada is now 23.6%, which means that 23 out of 100 people do not have a stable income job. At the same time, the network economy is going against the grain, especially e-commerce, Amazon, eBay and other major platforms have achieved good development results.

Established in France in 2018, Dreamy Fortune Group Limited is a network company that provides marketing services to Internet businesses. Dreamy Fortune Group Limited has successfully entered the global market of the United States, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany and other markets, and won reputation and recognition. The company is currently launching an interactive affiliate advertising service platform in New York, USA, focusing on partnering with major malls around the world to deliver online promotions to them.

The main business of the platform is to increase the exposure of e-commerce merchants, as well as the popularity of merchants, and to help merchants get recommendations from the platform where they are. Dreamy Fortune breaks down the needs of these e-commerce seller customers into networking tasks, and members complete tasks according to applicable rules to help customers gain exposure.

This model has proven itself in the market and has been well received by many people, and has a large number of successful cases in many countries. The way to earn money without leaving home is very much in line with the current trend of working from home. Even those with regular jobs can take part-time jobs and earn extra income. Each new employee will be mentored by a Regional Manager who will teach the new employee how to work at Dreamy Fortune, how to be a good employee and guide the new employee step by step to become a regional leader. In various countries, tens of thousands of people have become rich on the Dreamy Fortune platform.

The project is currently actively deploying the Canadian e-commerce market to promote the development and prosperity of the Canadian e-commerce economy. While optimizing the shopping experience and providing new shopping models, it also provides new employment opportunities and new revenue models for Canadian residents. The new economic form will inevitably generate new market opportunities. In the current global economic downturn, Dreamy Fortune online marketing solutions will provide a huge opportunity to revitalize the Canadian economy and enable more Canadians to create wealth.

The full name of the Dreamy Fortune Group Limited fund is “Securities Investment Fund”. Simply put, an investment fund is a fund in which the investor buys money and becomes a fund holder, and the fund manager (fund company) takes the money and invests it in the market securities, including stocks, bonds and related derivatives.

In a fund product, there are three important players: the fund holder (fund owner), the fund manager (fund company) and the fund custodian.

1. Fund Holder (CDM): The person who pays out the money. Contribute to the purchase of funds and obtain income after deducting expenses.

2. Fund manager (fund company): A person who manages investment operations, or appointed a fund company. The fund manager receives money from the fund holder, invests on behalf of the fund holder, earns income for the fund holder, and collects certain management fees.

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