BEIJING – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Zhao Exhibition jointly organized by Chinese Cultural Center Singapore (CCCS) and China International Cultural Exchange Center was held in Singapore. Zhao has promised to participate in the 25th anniversary of Sino-Singaporean diplomatic relations at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of China. She donated her huge oil painting, “Dream of a Country”, measuring 9.18m x 7.4m, for the completion of CCCS. The painting will be on permanent display in its hall. Mr. Xiao, cultural advisor at the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, presented Zhao with a donation certificate at the exhibition. It is reported that Zhao is engaged in many cultural exchanges. She has been invited to organize exhibitions in many countries around the world.


Comments on Zhao Li’s Art:

“Zhao is the successor to thousands of years of Chinese civilization. People can vaguely see his Chinese origin as well as the combination with Western methods of his paintings and his understanding of form for the sake of form. This coincides with the famous saying of Kandinsky ‘painting is painting’. ” ~ Gérard Soula

“His work is like a game, a kind of auto-catharsis, so I too feel that his expression is very free. There are no barriers, whether traditional, technical or on his expression.” ~ Lang Shaojun

“Each point of color on the canvas really makes the viewer feel the uplifting breath of life that fills her heart when she paints. All of this fits naturally into Zhao’s work. These are the result and style of her honest expression. . ” ~ Pan Gongkai

“Zhao’s works take traditional oriental verve as a core to integrate the modern western form of expression to create charming and exciting poetry without restraint and ripple.” ~ Wu Weishan

“Much of Zhao’s work is themed around culture and life, which is quite something in itself. It’s definitely worth exploring.” ~ Zhang Gan

Zhao, vividly integrates oriental elements into western art forms for his poetic oil paintings. His paintings reflect our colorful world and transcend the hustle and bustle of society. The creativity of her work is inspiring, showing the truth and beauty of the world, and adding warmth and color to it. Zhao has organized numerous exhibitions, won awards and collected many of his pieces around the world.


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