ISLAMABAD, Nov 2 (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – Nov 2, 2022): A group of four female artists here on Wednesday exhibited their artwork featuring figurative art and symbolism to visualize female sensibility on canvas .

‘The Spark’, a group exhibition of paintings by Aimen Manzoor, Amna Rahman, Khadijah Rehman and Zara Asgher, was presented to the general public and art lovers at Satrang Art Gallery under the sign of cultural diplomacy to promote art and artists.

The paintings explored the body and its invisible energetic force uniting it with its environment. The exhibit considers the ancient knowledge that the body retains the energetic response of individuals connecting to each other, environments, ideas or even themselves.

Aimen Manzoor explores the relationship to the ordinary or seemingly banal. The compositions and vivid colors of his paintings distort these otherwise simplistic or mundane scenes, drawing attention to his subjects engaged in habitual and repetitive activities.

A figurative painter by interest, Manzoor enjoys playing with scale in his paintings. A contrast can be seen in her work on this – on the one hand she works on large scale oil canvases and on the other hand she works on small scale illustrative portraits, rendered in watercolor .

“My work is characterized as essentially figurative in nature. I am inspired of everyday events and experiences. My work revolves around the translation of compositions that I find interesting of my observation of everyday life in paintings.

“The figurative nature of my work is complemented by some odd characteristics such as rupture the traditional way of painting a landscape horizontally, I resorted to painting vertically.

“Also, a very weird saturated color of the sky and a very offbeat perspective make the paintings somewhat surreal but also show how I connect to my surroundings,” Aimen commented on his work.

Khadijah Rehman also explores the familiar, often family or fictional, delicate moments captured in her intricate paintings.

She borrows of family photographs which she embellishes with vivid patterns, meticulous detail, and traditions of Persian and Mughal miniatures.

The deliberate inclusion of unlikely elements such as exotic motifs, the placement of animals and other dreamlike imagery creates staged and layered tableaux, exploring relationships and interactions.

Khadija – a Lahore based visual artist has exhibited her work locally and internationally, and works in both traditional and digital media. His work delves into the otherworldly quality of nocturnal introspections, particularly dreamscapes, caught in the reminiscences of everyday moments of to likenostalgia and loneliness.

Both Amna Rahman and Zara Asgher emphasize the careful navigation of the body, primarily the female body, within a male-centric patriarchal society. Amna’s figures, painted in spaces she considers “safe”, are completely at ease, engaged in conversations, at ease with themselves and their surroundings.

“The paintings are a narrative of my lived experiences of multiple realities, depicting the traits of female beings, their complexities, and how they perish in the searing heat of a myriad of emotions. Recurring themes in my work draw on personal memories charged with emotions, duality, the subconscious machinations of the human psyche as well as self-reflection,” Amna shared her experience.

Zara’s work explores the gendered quality of her environment, particularly highlighting how the public spaces of Pakistan are heavily occupied by Male body. Her drawings of repetitive patterns of bodies highlight the hierarchical structures she saw.

These artists used various mediums including gouache and gold sheet on paper, engraving and oil on canvas to create images that combine both figurative art and symbolism to visualize their messages.


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