Beijing (Gasgoo)- Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding), China’s leading automotive group, launched its Blue Guardian AI satellite data platform in the ZEEKR smart factory on August 19.

Photo credit: Geely Holding

The Blue Guardian Project focuses on cleaning up the oceans and protecting marine life. It uses high-level remote sensing AI satellites that have been independently developed and designed by GeeSpace of Geely Holding, its aerospace arm. The satellites will be used to locate and identify various types of marine litter, including plastic buildup and floating litter, oil spills, and even areas where an imbalance in the ecosystem has resulted in unnatural algae blooms and marine foam.

The satellite data platform released this time was jointly developed by Geely Holding, ZEEKR Intelligent Technology and China Environmental Protection Foundation (“CEPF”) based on monitoring data from Geely Future Mobility Constellation, the first nine GeeSpace satellites launched into low Earth orbit in June this year.

The ocean remote sensing data and satellite technology generated by the project will be open to academic institutions, scientific research institutes, environmental departments and other professional departments through the platform.


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