Norwegian offshore installation company Havfram on Wednesday shared its ambition to become “one of the future market leaders in oil and gas electrification with offshore wind”.

“In 2020, Havfram has made an enduring commitment to play a key role in the transition from oil and gas to offshore wind. Today, Havfram is pleased to announce its intention to be a significant player in the ‘oil and gas electrification through offshore wind development, placing Havfram at the center of the energy transition,’ said the company, formerly known as Ocean Installer.

In addition to its offshore wind installation business, Havfram said on Wednesday it had also positioned itself as “an early-stage developer for new markets”.

“Havfram is already part of a consortium with its partners RWE and NTE for Norway’s floating wind lease, Utsira Nord, and has identified O&G electrification as one of the next big ‘Power-to-X’ offshore wind markets. execution and rapidly growing capabilities in offshore wind, Havfram is uniquely placed to serve the electrification market, with an experienced team of engineers currently developing a low cost offshore wind solution specifically designed to electrify installations offshore oil and gas companies,” the company said.

Odd Stromsnes, CEO Havfram said, “Our strong expertise in O&G, combined with our growing technical capabilities in offshore wind, is the perfect combination of skills required for O&G electrification projects. Additionally, we see the demand for electrification increasing globally and we are positioning ourselves to meet that demand.

With more than 1,500 active offshore oil and gas platforms around the world, each requiring between 30 MW and 80 MW of electricity, the size of the electrification market is significant, Havfram said.

“The electrification of offshore platforms is being actively promoted by various governments, including Norway and Scotland. The Scottish Government has developed a Specific Hire Cycle (INTOG) prioritizing O&G electrification, for which Havfram is already in early partnership talks,” Havfram said.

Emily Reeve, Executive Vice President – Offshore Wind Development, Havfram said: “The O&G electrification market offers a significant opportunity to not only provide the necessary carbon reduction solutions, but also to further accelerate the global deployment of wind energy. offshore. We are confident that with our combined skills, Havfram will be a leading player in this increasingly important market”. Havfram sees that O&G electrification offers tremendous opportunities for both industries and is committed to helping them achieve their goals.


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