In this guide, we will show you how convert your photos into oil paintings on Windows 11/10. We are going to list various freeware and online tools that help you generalize an oil painting from your digital image. These provide a dedicated oil painting effect using which you can make your images look like an oil painting. Awesome, isn’t it? So, without much ado, let’s check out these photo to oil painting converter software and online tools.

Convert photo to oil painting using free software or online tools

You can use these free converter software and online tools to turn a photo into an oil painting on canvas on your Windows PC:

  1. GIMP
  2. Chasys IES Draw
  3. FotoSketcher
  4. IrfanView
  5. Weaver
  6. BeFunky


GIMP is a popular free and open-source photo editing software for Windows 11/10. By using it, you can do many image editing tasks including converting photos to oil painting. It contains many effects and filters one of which includes oil painting effect. This effect is part of the Artistic Effects category. You can simply choose it to quickly convert a simple image into an oil painting. While applying the effect, you can even change some options to customize the effect accordingly, such as mask radius, number of intensities, and exponent.

Apart from that, it offers various other artistic effects like Cartoon, Cubism, Softglow, Van Gogh, Waterpixels, Weave, Clothify, etc. Besides that, you can also blur, distort, add noise and much more. Now let’s see the steps to convert photo to oil painting in GIMP.

How to Convert Photos to Oil Painting in GIMP?

Here is the process to turn your photos into oil paintings in GIMP:

  1. First, download and install GIMP on your PC, then launch the application.
  2. Now browse and import the source image using File > Open.
  3. Then go to the Filters menu and click on the Artistic > Oiling effect.
  4. After that, customize the effect parameters like mask radius, number of intensities and exponent and then hit OK.
  5. Finally, save the oil painting in one of the supported formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMO, TIFF, ICO, SVG, etc.

GIMP is a great image editor that lets you remove background from photo, batch resize images, create rounded circular images, use Enhance filters, create animated GIFs, and even more. So, if you are an avid GIMP user, you can use it to create an oil painting of existing images.

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2]Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is a free software that you can use to convert photos to oil paint on Windows PC. It is basically an image processing suite that comes with different applications to view, edit, create and convert images. You can use his Chasys Draw IES Artist transform an image into an oil painting. Its other applications are called Chasys Draw IES Viewer and Chasys Draw IES Converter.

Chasys Draw IES Artist comes with several effects and filters which also include an Oilify effect. You can apply it and make your photos into oil paintings. Apart from this you can also use various other effects on your photos like Pixelate, Diffuse Glow, Swirl, Pinch, Drop Shadow, Posterize, Emboss, Edge Detect, Reduce Opacity, Dissolve, etc Let’s see the sorted procedure to convert images to oil painting.

How to convert photo to oil painting in Chasys Draw IES?

You can follow the steps below to turn an image into an oil painting using this freeware:

  1. First, download and install Chasys Draw IES.
  2. Now launch Chasys Draw IES Artist.
  3. Next, click on the Edit Photo option and then load the input image.
  4. After that, go to Effects > Stylize menu and select the Oil effect.
  5. Next, choose the brush size to apply the oil painting effect.
  6. When done, you can save the oil painting image in its native format or convert it to another image format like JPEG, GIF, PNG, ICO, WebP, BMP, CUR, etc.

Want to use it? You can download it from here. It can also be used to create flyers, animated and static sliders, animated GIFs and much more.

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convert photo to oil painting

Another software you can use is FotoSketcher. It is basically an artistic photo editor that you can use to convert photos into oil paintings and other arts. There you will find a category of effects called Paint Effects. You also get effects like pencil sketch, watercolor, bilateral filter, vivid, vintage, pixelate, cartoon, linear halftone, and more.

You can just choose the oil painting effect and then customize various settings. These parameters include the strength of effects, intensity of colors, simplification of image, darken/lighten, intensity of brush strokes, soften edges, add frame, texture, etc While you change the settings, you can preview the output image.

How to convert photo to oil painting in FotoSketcher?

Here are the main steps to create an oil painting from a digital image in FotoSketcher:

  1. First, download and install FotoSketcher, then start the application.
  2. Now open an image that you want to turn into an oil painting.
  3. Then click on the Drawing settings button present on the main toolbar and define drawing style for Painting 6 (Oil painting).
  4. After that, edit the associated effect parameters as shown above and press the key To design button to apply the effect.
  5. Finally, go to File > Save Drawing As and save the output image in JPG, PNG or BMP format.

It is a dedicated photo editor for adding artistic effects to your digital images, including oil paintings.

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IrfanView is quite a famous image viewer and editor which can also be used to convert images into oil paintings. It provides a dedicated Effects menu where you can also find an Oil Painting effect. In addition to that, there are effects such as Gaussian Blur, Bump, Explosion, Pixelate, Sharpen, Swirl, Swirl, Raindrop, Fisheye, Metal, Color Shift, circular waves, etc.

How to convert photos to oil painting in IrfanView?

First, make sure you have installed the app from its official site. And then launch it. After that, import the source image and navigate to the Image > Effects > Effects Browser option. Then select the Oil painting effect, customize the intensity and press the OK button. The effect will be applied to your image which you can save.

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5]Art weaver

Artweaver can be your other go-to for converting your images to oil painting on Windows PC. It is a nice free photo editing software specially designed for creating artistic images. By using it, you can apply many artistic effects to your photos and create artistic images.

To convert photos to oil painting using it, first you need to download and install this application on your PC. After that, just start it and import the source image into it. Then go to the Filtered menu and click on the Style > Oil option. You can then customize the radius of the brush to apply the oil painting effect. It displays the preview in real time. When you are done applying the effect, just press the OK button and save the output image.

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convert photo to oil painting

BeFunky is a free online photo editing tool using which you can turn an image into an oil painting. Using it, you can caricature your images, add watermark to your images, make collages, perform general edits and much more.

How to convert photo to oil painting online with BeFunky?

You can follow the steps below to create an oil painting from digital images online using BeFunky:

  1. First, open the BeFunky website in a web browser.
  2. Now browse and import the input image.
  3. Then, from its Artsy menu, select the Oil Painting Effects category.
  4. After that, choose one of the available oil painting effects that you want to apply to your photo.
  5. Finally, save the oil painting image to your PC.

Head to his website turn a photo into an oil painting.

I hope this helps you!

How to turn a photo into a painting?

To convert an image to painting on your PC, you can use a free art photo editor that offers you various painting effects. To name a few, you can try FotoSketcher which is a dedicated artistic image editor, or use Artweaver which contains a set of artistic effects. If you use GIMP, it also provides nice painting effects that you can apply to your digital photos.

Is there an app that turns photos into paintings?

To convert photos to paintings on a Windows PC, you can use apps like FotoSketcher, Artweaver, or Chasys Draw IES. If you want to apply painting effects online, try BeFunky which provides awesome painting and artistic effects.

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convert photo to oil painting


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