Elden Ring is filled with different types of weapons, talismans, and incantations to suit any playstyle. This guide will cover how to get Flock’s web talisman in Elden Ring.

Where to find Flock’s Web Talisman in Elden Ring

Flock’s Canvas is a talisman that greatly increases the power of incantations by 8%. This man talisman is for you if you run with a hybrid build and need some juicy buffs before every encounter.

To get the Talisman you will need to find Gowry at Gowry’s Hutlocated north of Selia Gateway.

There is a catch. You can’t just kill Gowry and take the talisman when you get there. If he dies he will respawn as he is using one of the many Kindred of Rots as a host.

So to get the Talisman you will need to start doing the Millicent questline. She can be found for the first time in the middle of Aoenia Swamp in Caelid. She will appear as a challenger and you will have to defeat her.

After defeating her, you will need to complete the Selia City puzzle, which will then unlock the path to the top. In the Plague Church, you’ll find Millicent rotting and missing an arm.

There, you’ll give Millicent an Unalloyed Gold Needle, which will pause and then pause the rot and start the Millicent questline. You will meet her several times in the Lands Between.

After your last encounter, you will return to Gowry at Growy’s Shack and kill him. Then you’ll get Flock’s Web Talisman and a Bell Rolling as a reward.


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