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Unleash your inner Bob Ross and create the wall art of your #aesthetic dreams with this quick and easy DIY project! In this episode of In The Know: DIY, Tay Beepboop, TikTok’s DIY design darling (@taybeepboop), teaches you how to create your own plaster canvas, elevating your living space with Instagrammable flair and finesse.

Tools and materials used

Step 1: Cover the canvas with plaster

By using the plastic spatulasmooth generously plaster evenly all over the white Cloth. Try to spread the plaster as gently as possible, so that the whole piece dries evenly.

Step 2: Create your design

Create interesting patterns and shapes on the Cloth using the cake icing applicators. If you’re not a fan of your design, no worries. Just scratch on it with the spatula and start over. Once you are happy with the arrangement, let the Cloth dry.

Step 3: Paint your canvas

Once the plaster goes from pink to white, it’s time to paint! The plaster doesn’t have to be totally white for you to start painting. Just make sure it’s hard to the touch. Squeeze a spoonful of acrylic paint onto a piece of cardboard to use as a palette, and finally, let your artistic self shine.

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