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Check how to remove “oil painting effect” on iPhone 13/12 camera

Have you ever thought about making your photos in the gallery of your smartphone look like sketches? Or maybe the idea of ​​turning your photos into cartoons or classic paintings crossed your mind?

Either way, we’ve converted you with this list where we’ve picked out the best apps you can use to draw yourself and all your favorite images with several different filters and effects, both for Android and iOS!

Use these tips well and try creating different photos to post on your social media platforms, for example to offer different content than what you normally post on your profile.

Solution: photography in natural light

Removing the easel paint from standard household lamps and placing it in daylight will make the biggest difference in almost every aspect of the photography process, but primarily in color accuracy.

Step by step: capture the step

You can hang your canvas on an outside wall, preferably not in direct sunlight to avoid glare and keep your phone level and pulling.

Or place your canvas on the floor indoors, next to an open door, it will be your light source.

Turn off all other lights in the room and place the canvas about two feet from the bottom of the door frame, stand directly on it to take the picture.

Why natural light?

Color is created on a surface when specific wavelengths are absorbed and others are reflected.

If the light shining on the surface does not contain all visible colors (full spectrum), they cannot be reflected, so your camera will not be able to record them.

Daylight is called full spectrum lighting because it contains all wavelengths of different colors; some artificial lights have missing colors and “spikes” in the spectrum. Photographing your painting indoors with low-color household bulbs will prevent the camera from capturing all of the different colors in your image.

Natural light has much brighter illumination than household bulbs, which allows the camera to automatically use a fast shutter speed. This means that you can hold your phone in your hands without using a tripod, and there will be no camera shake or blur.

Problem n. 2: distorted perspective

When your painting seems out of perspective, it takes away all of the hard work that you put into creating an accurate drawing or painting to begin with. You can create an elongated face on a portrait or short legs or arms on a figurative piece.

The key is to make sure the angle of your painting and the angle of your phone are the same.

Solution: adjust your angles

If you’ve put your paint on the floor and pulling it out, there’s a built-in iPhone helper to make sure it’s aligned.

Step by step: capture the step

You have to go to your settings to find the grid function and the steps below are for an iPhone, (but most smartphones will have a similar function)

If your canvas is hanging on the wall, try to keep your phone vertical to match the angle of the canvas.

If you want to take it a step further, there are apps available that display levels using the phone’s gyroscope, so you can hold the camera upright knowing you’re level.


Because when you tilt your canvas and hold the camera at a different angle, you get perspective distortion.

Problem n. 3: lens and perspective distortion

Have you ever noticed that the straight, square edges of your canvas look distorted? Or does a fence post that you painted vertically have a slight curve?

The culprit is distortion. The lines can appear directly in the center of the canvas and wrap around the outer edges.

This is a small problem that is much more noticeable when photographing 3D objects, but it can be noticeable on smaller canvases. You can draw the viewer’s attention to the center of the room, which may not be your focal point.

Solution: check your distance

The effect varies in severity depending on your distance from your canvas.

Step by step: capture the step

Holding the camera farther than you think in your painting will help reduce optical lens distortion.


An iPhone, for example, has a wide-angle lens, so the closer something is to the lens, the bigger it appears. When you hold the phone too close to a small canvas area, the lens will make the edges of your canvas curved and the center of the frame taller.

Most photo editing programs have a feature that automatically corrects for barrel distortion.

Pro tip: If you’re posing in a group and want a flattering shot, make sure you’re not in the center of the front row!

Problem n. 4: messy environment

When you promote your work you want to post a professional looking image, even if you share it with friends you never know who they are going to show.

Solution: crop your image

Photos of paintings in books or gallery websites are almost always cropped to clean the edges.

Step by step: editing or post-processing step

Use the crop tool to crop and frame your image to avoid background distraction

Sometimes the image rotates when the phone tries to adjust the level automatically. By pressing and moving the jog wheel below the image you can change the angle, try aligning it with a straight edge on your canvas.

This shows a range of different image proportions. If you know the proportion of the canvas you are using, you can select it or click on “original”.

Pull one of the corners of the frame; this will show you insight into your culture.

When you are satisfied with your selection, press “Done”.

Final Words: How to Remove “Oil Painting Effect” on iPhone Camera 12/13

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