The GDP oil rig crane puzzle in Far Cry 6 has proven to be difficult for some players to solve. Completing it unlocks the Yaran Contraband.

For Far cry 6 For players who want to collect all the Yaran contraband, and a little something extra, understanding how to complete the GDP Oil Platform Crane puzzle is essential. Some gamers struggled to figure out exactly how to fix this part of the game, as the problem itself is a bit far from the solution.

Before solving the puzzle, players must first access it. the Far cry 6 The GDP oil platform is located in the far northwest of the Aguas Lindas map, around the Madrugada region. Here, the contraband container is blocked by another container held by a crane. This is where the puzzle begins. Dani will have to move the container in the crane before accessing it.


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Heading southwest on the drilling platform should bring Far cry 6 players at the control room. They will know they are in the right place if they see a large blue grenade painted on the wall. In the corner of the control room is a bright red button on a yellow terminal. By pressing the button, the crane lifts the container out of the contraband path. From there, it’s just a quick return to where the containers are waiting outside for a pile of useful loot, as well as an additional reward for those who wish to watch.

Additional reward for solving the Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Crane Puzzle

Far Cry 6 Quinto Yaran Contraband Card

Obviously, solving the GDP Oil Rig Crane puzzle will yield Far cry 6 players gain access to the Yaran contraband, but there’s also a little something extra for those with keen eyes. Inside the moved container, Far cry 6 players can find a Supercharger shotgun.

The Supercharger Shotgun is a 3-rated single weapon, making it a decent addition to any loadout. This weapon can deal serious damage when fired at enemies. It comes with seven shots ready and a rate of fire of 240. It comes with two mods: Buckshot Rounds, which makes the gun more powerful in close combat, and Fast Reload, which decreases reload time. This is quite the find for players keen to research the Crane Control Room.

This puzzle is actually quite simple, given that players only need to press a button to activate the crane. The hardest part is finding the control room, but following the drilling rig it gets easier. The payoff for the little act of patience is pretty extravagant. Far cry 6 doesn’t hesitate to challenge players, but every now and then he’ll offer them bonuses like this.

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Far cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and PC.

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