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We are familiar with abstract art and art that represents nature. But, finding combinations of different types of art in exhibits is a rare occurrence. Even with great enthusiasm and effort, artists do not always manage to create something spectacular that deserves attention.

So how do you stand out when creating artwork in a country like Bangladesh where there are many talented artists with rare expertise in the art world?

Azmeer Hossain’s works, exhibited at Edge Gallery, Gulshan will offer you abstract works, figures, photorealism and perspective, and a mixture of all of these.

The artist played with colors, shapes, was inspired by reality, memory and imagination. His art goes far beyond the canvas, it acts as leeway for the viewer to create their own story or to imagine whatever their mind suggests the work might mean.

You are greeted with colors as soon as you enter the gallery. Although there are inexplicable abstracts, you can travel far with your imagination looking into these canvases. The artist has a process of layering his works to bring variations, colors, shapes, 3D appearance and a sense of ambiguity into his drawings.

Azmeer Hossain’s work

Azmeer Hossain's work

Azmeer Hossain’s work

“The theme was to focus on unlimited horizons. As I work with mountain and seascapes, there are many layers. After completing a piece, there is a limited horizon that can be depicted through the art. But what I call the last horizon, is not necessarily the last. If you stand there, another horizon is created,” Azmeer explained of the theme of the exhibition.

“I created most of the works here during the days of the Covid-19 lockdown. Last November I did an art camp here, after which Edge Gallery confirmed me for this exhibition. gave me time to put the finishing touches on my pieces. I wanted to try the layering technique. Using this method, I wanted to bring a new angle to each line and each color.

Azmeer has loved art since he was in fourth grade, “Dhaka didn’t have many art schools back then. When I was in sixth or seventh grade, I went to Kochi Kanchar Mela to learn the art.” and he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Department of Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka.

Later in 2004, he took three drawing classes led by John Ruggeri from the School of Visual Art in New York, USA. In addition, in 2006, he trained in painting and mixed media at the Arts Students League in New York, USA.

Azmeer has participated in numerous group exhibitions over the years. Upon his return to Bangladesh, he had two first solo exhibitions in 2013. One was held at Radius Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh and the other at Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts Dhaka, Bangladesh. “The Beckoning Horizon” is his fifth personal exhibition.

The artist spoke of the huge response the exhibition received: “A lot of my works have already been sold. You could say that an entire section is missing,” he said, showing his e- magazine with many drawings that were sold during the exhibition.

“Most of these drawings I created just from my imagination and memory. They are my mental landscapes. Yes, I may have taken inspiration, but none of them were true copies of anything original, but my spontaneous, improvised works of art,” Azmeer said.

Sometimes artists have an unsolicited procedure when creating the work. In response to his process, “I don’t plan what I’m going to draw. Maybe I plan it initially, but as I draw the emphasis often changes. It’s the spontaneity that takes the top. The work itself helps me to understand the composition, the following walk.”

Azmeer grew up in old Dhaka. One of his drawings he made from his memory of his old town is simply amazing. He worked on the details with precision, showing the shops, vehicles, buildings, and also successfully portrayed the vibe of old Dhaka through his art.

“That’s how I see the place where I grew up. It wasn’t a particular place that I copied the idea from, not an image that I clicked on, but just what I’ve seen every day of my life. I’ve detailed it based on my memory.”

Azmeer did not want his art to be limited and confined to legend. He wanted them to be open to interpretation. “I let the drawing speak for itself, I want the viewer to perceive everything my art makes them feel.”

Choice of TBS:

1. “I spent so much time behind this art. I started the abstract composition in this art, but I was stuck after 40 layers. So I let the art speak for itself, it made me feel better. took so much effort. I’m going to keep this untitled – all the viewer sees here is the art here.”

An attempt to provoke viewers’ thoughts. Azmeer Hossain’s work

An attempt to provoke viewers' thoughts.  Azmeer Hossain's work

An attempt to provoke viewers’ thoughts. Azmeer Hossain’s work

2. A mixture of realistic and abstract art. Like many of his works, Azmeer also tried to blend the two art styles in this one.


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