Fandom and oil painting might seem like unlikely bed companions, but one artist shows how the sportsmen, rock stars, and movie characters we all know and love can become a very personal artistic statement.

I am Paul Oz’s revenge
Framed Giclée On Fine Art Paper

Paul Oz, a self-taught fine artist passionate about wonderful textures and 3D effects, naturally turned to oil painting. But it takes it to the next level by layering oil paint on top of it to create remarkable, strictly unclassical works of art that reflect our times and the things we love most.

To see a sample of his works, visit Paul oz at art uk and get ready for an enlightening glimpse into classic modernity with a pop culture twist. Did you think Yoda could become the subject of some serious work of art? We could argue that Paul’s interpretation is just a little funny; until we see the results of many hours of creating a monumental masterpiece based on one of our favorite movie characters.

Sports, Cinema, Champagne. Everything we love immortalized: If you thought that the art of living and the art itself are two separate things, think again. From racing drivers to portraits of actors in our favorite roles and that festive bottle of champagne, Paul Oz captures unforgettable moments in deeply textured oil paintings that will stand the test of time.

But that is not his goal. What Paul wants is the “Woooohaaaaa” effect: that iconic moment that no 21st century soul will ever forget. He wants it now. He captures it perfectly. A Formula 1 car is caught accelerating in a bend; Batman grabs your attention with a penetrating gaze and stern demeanor. Is it art? there is no doubt.

Is oil painting a thing of the past?  Paul Oz enters the 21st century

Paul Oz Peaches
Framed Giclée On Fine Art Paper

Why oils? Digital art is all the rage. Mixed media artists combine digital art with a variety of other artistic mediums and techniques, but Paul Oz is entirely devoted to oil; a medium that one would have thought rather of the 20th century at best. Until we see his works. But why?

Is oil painting a thing of the past?  Paul Oz enters the 21st century

Transform and deploy by Paul Oz
Framed Giclée On Fine Art Paper

Paul is clearly a lover of textures so strongly visual that they can even seem tactile. For him, there is no better medium. Oil paintings have what he wants, and he demonstrates why he made that choice with every piece in his portfolio of completed works. There is no doubt that the choice of oil painting as a medium is outdated. Indeed, Paul Oz brought oil painting into the modern world with style.

Yes, it takes a lot longer. Yes, it is both a profession and an art. Every detail is captured by hand. But the result is visual textures that seem almost tactile: well worth the time invested and all the more wonderful as each line has been hand painted. And there will be an additional wow factor as popular culture becomes art in the truest sense.

Relax, your fandom is art: Besides the “Woooohaaaaa” effect quoted by Paul Oz, and realizing that moment when viewing his works, Paul Oz proves that fandom and art don’t have to be strangers. In fact, they’re just a continuation of a classic trend with a modern twist. Why the plethora of religious themes among artists during the Enlightenment? Why love the romantic and mythical themes that permeate the 18th and 19th centuries? This is because these themes had a large fan base at the time. So what do you like, here, now, and unpretentious about intellectualism? Now take a look. Chances are Paul has painted it already.


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