You’d think after four years we’d all be done hearing about the Fyre Festival, but even after all this time, Ja rule always makes the headlines in connection with the “door” of the horrible festivals.

At a sale finalized last week, Ja Rule auctioned off an NFT of an oil painting with the Fyre Festival logo that ultimately sold for $ 122,000. NFTs have become a hot commodity in recent weeks, although they’ve been around for much longer as more and more prominent individuals have jumped on the trend. As such, much of a DTV’s value can be attributed to the seller rather than the art (although this is not the case in all cases), so a price of over 100,000. $ for a painting of a demystified festival logo of one of its founders are not this surprising.

Writing Mixmag, “The buyer, who currently remains anonymous, receives the original painting, as well as a one-of-a-kind digital version linked to the Ethereum Blockchain.”

In an interview with TMZ, Ja Rule said, “When I first had it made, I was full of energy – I had started a new business. But then he became a symbol of what could have been. For me, it’s over and over.

In addition to the monetary gain from the sale of art on, Ja Rule also became co-owner of the platform, as well as its A&R manager.

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