Kim Kardashian defends her daughter North’s oil painting after fans can’t believe 7-year-old made the art

Kim Kardashian West defends his daughter North. The reality TV star posted a stunning oil landscape painting that she 7 year old girl did and was surprised to receive reviews online.

After people on social media began to wonder if Kim and Kanye West’s eldest daughter painted the mountainous creation by the lake, the keeping up with the Kardashians Star defended his daughter.

“Don’t play with me when it comes to my kids,” Kim began in her Instagram Story post, before sharing that North and her best friend have “taken a serious oil painting class where their talents and their creativity is encouraged and nurtured “.

“North worked incredibly hard on her painting which took several weeks,” she continued, adding that as a “proud mom” she wanted to share her work with everyone.

“I see opinion pieces in the media and on social media from adults falling apart whether my child actually painted this or not!” Kim exclaimed. “How dare you see kids doing great things and then trying to accuse them of NOT being great ?!”

She concluded by telling people to “stop embarrassing themselves” with negativity and “make every child BIG!” “

She also shared the similar painting of North’s friend Ryan from their class together.

Additionally, Kim has posted some of her husband Kanye’s artwork that he created as a child, showing off the family’s artistic abilities.

“Looking back at some of his father’s artwork when he was a kid,” she added, also writing in another post. “Shout out to all the proud moms who love to show off their baby’s masterpieces.”

North, meanwhile, takes after her famous father. Last year, North took the stage at Kanye’s Paris Fashion Week show to deliver her very first public rap performance.

“To see her up there, honestly, I just started to cry. Because I’m happy for her, but I’m so nervous for her,” Kim said. during KUWTK episode. “I’m so proud of her confidence in her. She obviously gets that from her father, and it makes me so happy that she isn’t afraid to try anything. For me, it was so much fun to do. see.”

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