Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2022: As it seeks to cement its pioneering position in the $50 billion low-code market, Kissflow today unveiled its vision for seamless work management across all facets of the modern enterprise. The company has consolidated market-leading solutions into its portfolio – including its low-code, no-code, process automation, collaboration and analytics offerings – to deliver a unified low-code workplace platform /no-code that enables businesses to accelerate digital transformation.

Describing how the current fragmented approach to work software hinders the success of digital initiatives, Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow, said, “The multitude of siled work management tools has created a complex and disjointed digital ecosystem. Holistic digital transformation is impossible without an inclusive approach where business experts and IT teams can co-create.”

“With our new unified platform, we are enabling businesses in the Middle East to move away from this tactical, disconnected approach to productivity, and instead embrace a radically simple and efficient IT paradigm that delivers an inclusive experience. and unified to all enterprise users,” Sambandam added.

Kissflow’s new work platform consolidates application development, process management, task management, case management, data management, integration, analytics, and collaboration capabilities. It makes them easily usable by end users, teams, team leaders, process experts, citizen developers, and IT developers with the intuitive low-code, no-code model. This aligns with the company’s mission to democratize application development in the region to address the current and growing shortage of technical talent.

“Even as IT workloads soar, the needs of more than 500 million business users are met by a pool of just 26 million developers. This is a concerning disparity that threatens to cripple digital transformation initiatives,” Sambandam said. “Low-code/no-code is the obvious solution because it allows business users to take control of their digital needs while IT managers can continue to provide a secure and scalable platform for digital growth. With 500 million business users becoming citizen developers, this will be a game-changer and drive the future of work.”

While Kissflow has designed its unified work platform to be industry agnostic, in the Middle East the company will focus on the adoption of the solution by businesses in the banking and finance industries. finance, retail, oil and gas, logistics and supply chain, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.


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