Krispy Kreme Japan’s line of treats are the envy of donut lovers around the world. They offer seasonal collections, cute character treats, and even experiment with traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors.

Not only are these offerings delicious, but they’re also beautifully presented, and this new range for 2022 comes in lovely pastel colors for a bright new year.

Three new donuts are coming out for the Color Your Life collection. The ‘Green Pistachio’ comes in a light green color, thanks to the luxurious pistachio cream and chocolate coating. Additional pistachios make a decorative garnish, sprinkled over the swirled cream.


The rare yellow citrus cheese gets its appealing hue from the cream cheese chocolate coating, and the elegant toppings include white chocolate puffs, orange peel and white chocolate pearls.


For an extra fruity option, the ‘Pink Strawberry Peach’ has strawberry chocolate and a slick containing real strawberry and peach juice, creating a lovely pink color. Chunks of white chocolate and dried strawberries arranged in the shape of a rose make for sophisticated toppings.


These donuts can be purchased individually or in colorful sets of different sizes.


They will go on sale at Krispy Kreme branches in Japan from January 12 and will be removed from the menu at the end of February.

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