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I would like to respond to Cal Slonaker and Rob Snowden’s responses to my original letter [Letters, July 3].

For Slonaker: Just because I live in Texas doesn’t mean I ride a horse, or own a cow or an oil well, or carry a gun, so don’t assume I’m aligned with everything. what the Republican Party is doing in Texas. I accept that Biden was elected President of the United States by a majority vote of the Electoral College. That’s it and Trump should get over it.

It’s not such a bad idea for Texas to secede from the United States. Then Texas can get the US government to protect our borders and give us all kinds of economic support, we can sell oil to the US and lower our cost of living because we Texas will be a separate nation between the United States and Mexico.

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Gun control doesn’t matter to me. The US Constitution covers everything I need. I’m worried about Texas law that allows untrained people to carry a gun. It’s just stupid.

Climate change is a scientifically proven cyclical change that has continued since record keeping. I am in favor of some form of control to improve our air quality, but all nations must spend their own money. Did you know that the United States has the best record of everything country to keep the air clean? This is why the Republican Party encouraged us to get out of the Paris climate agreements. It was just sucking us off for money. Other countries, especially China, are not doing anything about air quality, so why should the United States give money to these countries?

I haven’t said anything about the repeal of the Voting Rights Act, so don’t put words in my mouth.

For Snowden: Trump is not the Republican Party; he was President of the United States. I voted for the Republican Party by pressing the button for Trump. I don’t care who leads the Republican Party – it’s the Republican platform that largely agrees with my platform, the Ten Commandments. Millions of believers are a “horror spectacle?” Can Snowden support this comment?

Our country under the period from 2016 to 2020 was not a disaster. Look around – gas prices are the highest in six years, the cost of groceries is exorbitant, IRAs are in the dumps, unemployment is the highest since Republicans, the south border is a sieve and we give our money to countries that are in the Paris climate agreement.

Low income vacuum

There was an increase in the number of homes that were going to be used for low-income housing turned into vacation rentals. Low-income housing is affordable housing for those whose income is below the median income of the city or country.

I think the city should stop this business practice of buying the houses because it hurts our communities. By removing this opportunity, we could see an increase in the number of homeless families.

Indicate the path

City of Waco, the streets really need to be striped.

This becomes a hazard to drivers with the many violations that drivers commit daily.


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