Pastel painting by Vivien at La Tour

This exhibition at the Alte Pinakothek (May 7-October 23) looks at the popularity of pastel painting in the 18th century and showcases Bavaria’s impressive state painting collections in this area. The show examines the living techniques perfected by virtuosos of the medium such as Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Rosalba Carriera and Jean-Étienne Liotard, and examines why pastels became so popular during this era. Masterpieces of the genre, such as Career of Die Parze Lachesis (vs. 1730), are celebrated here – but the exhibition also seeks to elucidate the technical side of pastel painting, examining how pastels are created and applied and the advantages they have over oil paints. The exhibition is also an opportunity to discover a recent acquisition, La Tour’s Portrait of Jean Baptiste Philippe. Learn more on the Alte Pinakothek website.

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Portrait of Max Emanuel von Beyern as Feldherr (1706), Joseph Vivienne. Courtesy of the Bavarian State Painting Collections

Breakfast (vs. 1752), Jean-Etienne Liotard. Courtesy of the Bavarian State Painting Collections

Die Parze Lachesis (c. 1730), Rosalba Carriera. Courtesy of the Bavarian State Painting Collections


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