We’re right in the middle of the Venice Film Festival, which means celebrities are pulling out their best fashion and beauty looks for the big event. Lucy Boynton’s pastel makeup look is one of the best we’ve seen so far, which isn’t all that surprising considering Boynton always gets creative with her look. We saw him during his press tour for Bohemian Rhapsody. This time she is at the festival celebrating the premiere of Brigitte with Miu Miu. As usual, Jo Baker has done her makeup and it’s out of control.

“Gelato pastel day dreams” Baker wrote of the pastel eyes she gave Boynton. “I do my makeup inspired by everything I see during my travels.” She used “all the colors of the rainbow” to achieve what looks a bit like pastel tie-dye or rainbow sherbet. With light blue, pink and yellow, Baker has created something no one else does. She kept the rest of Boynton’s makeup light and natural with light pink lips and spider lashes.

It’s not the only killer makeup Baker has created for his muse. The day before, she showed off “harlequin glitter tears,” which she painted onto Boynton using tiny crystals and glitter. “Makeup by me using pewter glitter and half diamond shaped silver crystals to give a nod to #masqueradeball #venetian #facemasks…applied at speed as a quick change for evening festivities !!” she wrote on Instagram. I love how Baker gives us insight into his brain to understand the creative process.

What will they think next?


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