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Tista ‘taqra bil-

Some 70 asylum seekers are currently stranded on an oil rig in Malta’s search and rescue zone, with island authorities once again failing to respond to distress calls.

On Tuesday afternoon, the rescue ship Louise Michel expressed concern that the migrants could be returned illegally to Tunisia.

“A Tunisian warship arrived on the spot. We are concerned that those remaining on the Shell platform may be returned illegally to Tunisia, which is not a safe country. Malta must take charge of the coordination and Shell must not be complicit in this human rights violation, ”the rescue vessel said on Twitter.

At noon, Louise Michel said people had been on the wharf for over 2 hours and were in desperate need of a safe place. understands that Malta has refused to rescue the population, insisting that the Tunisian and German authorities are responsible for the platform which is in Maltese waters.

“The platform is in a European SAR area but refuses to communicate with the responsible Maltese authorities,” said MV Louise Michel.

Earlier, the rescue vessel warned that between 65 and 70 people “hung out overnight” on the Misker platform owned by the Shell oil company as weather conditions worsen.

Echoing the call for help, Sea-Watch International said, “The rescue is not complete until everyone on board the Miskar is in a safe place. Malta has a duty to ensure within its SAR zone that people come ashore safely in Europe. “

The search and rescue organization also pointed the finger at Shell, saying it would be guilty of complicity in the event of an illegal withdrawal to Libya.

“The Maltese authorities have been informed and invited to coordinate on several occasions! Louise Michel said on Twitter.

Another 31 people were rescued from a drifting wooden boat and are now on board the vessel funded by British artists Banksy.


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