August 23, 2022

Ocean Princess en route before contact (left); SP-83A before contact (right). Source: Malcom Cotte; Offshore Arena

Mismanagement of bridge resources and a mapping error led a bulk carrier to strike an oil and gas production platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Transportation Safety Board said in Marine Investigation Report 22 /18 published on Tuesday.

The 24 person crew of the ocean princess was drifting overnight in the Gulf of Mexico before heading to New Orleans to load a cargo of grain. The master had planned to drift overnight with the engine on standby for 15 minutes, keeping clear of traffic and platforms.

Aids to navigation used by the Ocean Princess bridge team, with the location of the SP-83A platform shown, annotated by the NTSB with a yellow circle (images are at various scales). A photo of British Admiralty chart 3857 (left) and an ECDIS screenshot of the Ocean Princess powered by NOAA ENCs (right), which were current at the time of the accident. The British Admiralty chart shows the SP-83A while the ECDIS image does not.


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