FASCY is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on hand creams and skin care products. FASCY products aim to help achieve gorgeous looks that truly portray personalities. FASCY products feature a variety of beauty inspirations through a young female character TINA who appears in different looks and styles on each of the FASCY products.
FASCY’s best-selling products include its Waterfume hand cream, eye pencil and hand essence. All FASCY products are 100% made in Korea.

FASCY hand cream has an excellent nourishing effect that keeps hands soft and smooth for a long time. Although it seems like an unnecessary extra step, there are positive benefits to choosing a good hand cream for everyday use. It helps maintain the correct balance of moisture in the skin of the hands.

FASCY Moisture Bomb Hand Cream nourishes and moisturizes hand skin and prevents aging by protecting hand skin from external environment. In addition, its light and soft texture lets the skin of the hand breathe and at the same time forms a protective layer.

FASCY’s 5 soft moisturizing hand creams in soft pastel colors

 MILK: Baby Powder flavor with milk extract
 STRAWBERRY: Sweet strawberry flavor with strawberry extract
 GRAPEFRUIT: Fresh grapefruit scent with grapefruit extract
 PEACH: sweet peach scent with peach extract
 PURPLE: aromatic lavender fragrance with lavender extract

Outstanding Functions of FASCY Moisture Bomb Hand Cream

 Powerful Moisture Bomb: Quickly absorbed by hands without leaving a sticky feeling, and provides strong hydration to prevent dryness of hand skin.

 Gentle hydration: shea butter makes the skin of the hands even softer and keeps the skin of the hands hydrated throughout the day.

 Super powerful skin protection: absorbed by the skin of the hand immediately after application and forms a layer of moisture on the skin of the hand.

 Sweet Scents: Persistent sweet and pleasant scents

Excellent Features of FASCY Korean Hand Moisturizer

 Fast absorption
 Gentle application
 Feeling of hydration
 Non-sticky finish
 Moisture layer


FASCY is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on hand creams and skin care products.

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