Renewable energy technology company Marine Power Systems has teamed up with floating wind farm developer Simply Blue Group to develop a project proposal for the Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing cycle managed by Crown Estate Scotland.

Innovation and Targeted Decarbonization of Oil and Gas (INTOG) The seabed lease cycle will allow developers to apply for seabed rights for innovative projects of 100 megawatts (MW) or less, as well as provide low-carbon electricity to power oil and gas facilities. gas fields in the North Sea.

The maximum capacity for all projects that can be awarded exclusivity to supply oil and gas facilities is 5.7 gigawatts (GW) and 500 MW for innovative projects, Crown Estate Scotland said.

Under the recently announced partnership, Simply Blue Group and MPS would see six wind turbines deployed on the MPS floating platform, PelaFlex, in waters between 60 meters and 100 meters deep, delivering a total capacity of 100 MW.

Simply Blue Group owns more than 10 GW of floating offshore wind projects being developed around the world. This latest collaboration is part of the Nomadic Offshore Wind project, launched earlier this year.‘Marine Power Systems – PelaFlex’

MPS says it was selected as the preferred technology partner based on the strengths of its “structurally efficient tension leg platform which offers significantly reduced system mass and a smaller mooring footprint than its peers.”

“The technology was designed to optimize local content delivery through a decentralized logistics model, and these benefits help utility-scale developers minimize costs while maximizing local economic benefits and accelerating farm development. on an industrial scale,” MPS said.

Sam Roch-Perks, Group Managing Director, Simply Blue Group, said; “Marine Power Systems offers the most advanced floating technology in the UK, which we consider a good complement to our Nomadic Offshore Wind project. We look forward to working with this dynamic team.

Gareth Stockman, President and CEO, Marine Power Systems said; “We are delighted to partner with Simply Blue Group to work on this project, which directly supports the UK energy strategy, and to develop our relationship with one of the UK’s leading blue energy developers.

“Our innovative floating platform technology was designed from the ground up for industrial-scale deployment. The technology brings significant cost and efficiency benefits throughout the product lifecycle and places SBG and MPS in a position of strength, which will provide a stepping stone to larger commercial scale deployments to come.


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