The Ontario NDP released its election platform on Monday.

Much of the focus is on health care, including expanding OHIP so you can get mental health care, dental care, and prescriptions with your OHIP card.

No details on the costs of the plan have been released.

They say it won’t be available until the Progressive Conservative government presents its provincial budget later this week.

The pharmacare plan, which the NDP also promised in the 2018 election, includes promises of birth control coverage and HIV treatment and prevention drugs.

The NDP also promises to hire tens of thousands of health care and education workers if elected.

Leader Andrea Horwath said her party would also freeze taxes for low- and middle-income families.

According to an NDP spokesperson, it’s for families with an average income of less than $200,000.

Platform highlights include:

Repair and expand health care

  • Universal and publicly funded mental health care. the NDP Expand access to counseling and therapy services across the province by integrating therapy services with OHIP.
  • Pharmacy. the NDP will immediately begin work on universal pharmacare for Ontarians.
  • Recruitment, retention, return and support of healthcare workers. With a comprehensive strategy that finally respects healthcare workers and improves wages and working conditions, the NDP will be:
    • Hire 10,000 personal support workers
    • Hire 30,000 nurses
    • Accelerating credential recognition for 15,000 internationally educated nurses
    • Create new jobs for late-career and recently retired nurses, so they can continue to play a mentoring and supervisory role
    • Hire 300 physicians and 100 specialists specifically for Northern Ontario

More affordable homes and more affordable living

  • Middle income tax freeze. the NDP promises a four-year income tax freeze for low- and middle-income households.
  • Pay what the last tenant paid. A NDP the government will reinstate real rent control for all apartments, eliminating the financial incentive for landlords to evict tenants to raise rent. We’ll also make sure you pay what the last renter paid by removing the vacancy check.
  • Suppress speculation. Horwath will introduce an annual speculation and vacancy tax on speculators who own homes they do not live in. The rate will be 2% of the assessed value and will be phased in over two years. We will also close the loopholes that allow wealthy investors to get away.
  • Regulate gas to stop gouging at the pump. the NDP Order the Ontario Energy Board to regulate the retail price and wholesale mark-up of gas to prevent big oil companies from exploiting Ontarians.
  • End-use fees. the NDP with health sector partners to eliminate unfair user fees for patients and their families in all areas of the health care system.

Dealing with Electricity Bills. the NDP increase hydroelectric capacity, increase affordable renewable energy – including wind and solar power – improve grid-scale storage and establish major interconnections with Quebec and Manitoba to enable cost-effective electricity imports. We will also stop privatization and costly private electricity contracts, examining the best ways to restore public ownership, maintain reliability and make electricity bills affordable again.

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