Nigerians who were looking for a job can now do so with so much ease as a platform that would digitize the employment process through the use of artificial intelligence has been unveiled.

Known as the “YARD” IT solution (web and mobile applications), the platform would help connect the talents of those seeking employment with organizations and agencies around the world.

Speaking at a launch event for the platform attended by the Executive Director of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Mr. Ezra Yakusak, the Managing Director of Yard, Anderson Idoko, said Nigerians will start downloading the application from Tuesday next week.

Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the unemployment rate in Nigeria fell from 27.1% in the second quarter of 2020 to 33%.

As well as making it the second highest on the global list, the NBS report, by analysis, shows that “over 60% of Nigeria’s working-age population is under the age of 34”.

Unemployment for people aged 15-24 was 53.4% ​​in the fourth quarter of last year and 37.2% for people aged 25-34. The unemployment rate for women was 35.2% compared to 31.8% for men.

But Idoko said that through this platform, the company will be able to match, through the use of artificial intelligence, those who have the required skills and are looking for jobs with companies that require such skills.

He added that through the app, job seekers could upload their profile which would also serve as a resume.

Idoko pointed out that the profile will include a photo, skills, education, projects, experience, and a 30-second video of the person talking about themselves.

He said, “Yard has created an enabling environment where users can build, network and grow throughout their career journey to make them more productive and successful.

“We simplify and speed up the resume push process by using artificial intelligence to connect talent (resumes) to a vast network of job postings and opportunities that match users’ experience and qualifications.”

He explained that during the pilot phase of testing the app, around 2,000 users joined the platform, adding that by 2023, that number would have grown to two million users.

Also speaking at the event, Yakusak praised the company for its digital innovation in providing solutions that are scalable, proven, secure, easy to use and support business growth.

As the largest economy in Africa with one of the largest youth populations in the world, the NEPC boss said Nigeria is well placed to develop a strong digital economy which would have a transformational impact on the economy.

He said, “As trade improves economic efficiency and contributes to poverty reduction, ICTs can also promote economic and social development. Therefore, trade and ICTs have great potential to reduce poverty by improving, among other things, the production and sale of goods and services.

He said that the Council, taking advantage of this development, has embarked on the use of digitization in dealing with most of its business with its customers (exporters).

Through the use of the internet and the application of online digital technologies, he said NEPC was able to complete the process of registering exporter certificates within twenty-four hours.

In order to accelerate online marketing for the food sector and increase export capacity, he explained that NEPC has trained a number of MSMEs to have their own digital identity by setting up websites and having their own email addresses.

He assured Yard management that NEPC will continue to partner with any readily available institution to bring innovation through IT solutions to support the country’s non-oil export drive.


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