When traveling, comfortable shoes are always a must. A good travel sneaker should be comfortable and cushioned to allow for all-day comfort and versatile enough to match different outfits, both casual and dressy. Cariuma sneakers do it all, and thousands of buyers, as well as celebrities, including Helen Mirren and pete davidson, delighted with their comfort and style. And the brand just let us know some of its most popular styles based on shopper location, so you can be sure you’ll be in style wherever you go this summer.

Oca Low canvas sneakers is the most popular Cariuma shoe in New York, London and Australia, according to an email from the brand, and it’s no surprise. Classic lace-up kicks have memory foam cork insoles that cushion your feet with every step, as well as natural rubber outsoles that provide shock absorption and traction on wet or uneven surfaces. The shoes are also made from more sustainable materials like breathable organic cotton and recycled plastics. As a further step towards sustainabilitythe brand plants two trees for every pair of shoes sold.

So which styles are the most popular in your favorite vacation destination? While the canvas sneakers come in 16 colors, the kicks off-white canvas are a New York favorite, which shouldn’t come as a shock, since New Yorkers are known for their love of sleek, monochromatic looks. And no matter the season, you’re sure to notice a sea of ​​white shoes as you stroll through New York thanks to its versatility. They are also a particularly popular option for the warmer months, since the brand claims that sales of the Oca Low in white canvas grow five times between winter and summer.

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Courtesy of Cariuma

To buy: cariuma.com$79

And if you’re looking for more colorful options, check out Australia’s most popular style: the Oca Low in pink canvas, a gorgeous muted pink that can serve as a neutral or statement maker, adding a bit of flair to any outfit. Londoners, meanwhile, love the same lace-up shoe in gray canvasanother versatile shade that will go with just about anything in your closet (and won’t show dirt or smudges when you wear them).

Buyers get lots of compliments for the Oca Lows, with many calling them “the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn.” One reviewer expressed a similar sentiment and said these are “the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had”, adding that “[I] I walked in them all day the first day I wore them and my feet felt amazing.” While many sneakers have a painful break-in period that will be especially uncomfortable if you’re on your feet all day, people praise the Cariuma shoes for their supportive and blister-free wear right out of the box.

Another wearer said: “I recently had knee replacement surgery and a history of other foot and ankle issues but these shoes fit well, provide great arch support and are comfortable to wear. and walk all day.” A customer from Brooklyn, New York, also complimented their comfort for people with foot pain: “I recently purchased the Oca Low sneakers. I have a foot problem, [and] these sneakers are so comfortable i can wear [them] all day without my foot hurting. Even more shoppers mentioned purchasing the shoes in multiple colors once they realized how comfortable the sneakers were. If that’s not a glowing recommendation, we don’t know what is.

Courtesy of Cariuma

To buy: cariuma.com$79

Courtesy of Cariuma

To buy: cariuma.com$79

If you’re looking for a new pair of must-have sneakers for spring or summer (or heck, even fall and winter) – whether it’s for an upcoming trip, daily commute or everyday use daily – be sure to check The elegant selection of Cariuma, above all if you are going to New York, London or Australia.

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