Two of the three largest public universities in Arizona now use Canvas to create a reliable, open and inclusive learning environment

SALT LAKE CITY, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Structurethe creator of Canvas, today announced that Northern Arizona University (NAU) chose Canvas as its new learning management system, to support student success through trusted, open, and inclusive educational technology. Canvas LMS is part of the Instructure learning platform and is the market share leader in higher education. Through the implementation of Canvas, NAU and Instructure will work together to support the institution’s focus on student learning and success and to ensure a smooth transition for students and teachers as they leave school. former LMS provider.

NAU conducted an in-depth 10 month evaluation of Canvas with other LMS vendors. Additional information about NAU’s LMS Transition Process can be found on their site, including how they arrived at their decision. Some of the steps involved included holding public meetings with over 25 stakeholder groups to gather the LMS selection criteria. The university and academic units involved conducted a thorough process of discovery and evaluation of technical and functional integration. After vendor presentations to NAU management, the team released a final evaluation survey of all students, faculty, and staff. After gathering responses from over 500 stakeholders, Canvas emerged as the clear frontrunner.

“After a rigorous review process, it was clear that Canvas was the best choice for delivering innovative instruction, fostering learning and ensuring student success,” said steven burellCIO of Northern Arizona University. “Our faculty and students were unanimous in their recommendations to the provost for Canvas to be implemented. With hundreds of stakeholder responses, Canvas has clearly established itself as the highest rated platform overall as well as the primary LMS for all selection criteria.”

Over the next few months, technical staff will begin work integrating Canvas with NAU systems, and the team will begin designing training courses for faculty and students. Content will be migrated to Canvas for the purpose of teaching credit courses on Canvas beginning in summer 2023.

Northern Arizona University plays such an important role in the economic development of Arizona and the west United States by creating post-secondary value for work-ready graduates and through their extensive network of more than 20 campuses,” said Melissa Loble, Director of Customer Experience at Instructure. “The flexibility and reliability of the platform were key considerations for NAU and we are honored to be able to provide a consistent and intuitive experience for their community of teachers and students.”

Northern Arizona University is a high research institution offering exceptional educational opportunities in Arizona and beyond. NAU provides a student-centered experience to its nearly 30,000 students in Flag, statewide, and online through rigorous academic programs in a supportive, inclusive, and diverse environment. Dedicated, world-class faculty help ensure that students achieve academic excellence, experience personal growth, have meaningful research opportunities, and are positioned for personal and professional success.

Canvas is a fully SaaS learning environment that streamlines interaction and builds strong relationships between teachers and students, whether in the physical, blended or fully online classroom. Traditionally, technology designed to support blended and online learning has been inflexible and failed to create a more engaging online experience. Canvas was created to simplify teaching so teachers can spend more time engaging students in ways that enhance learning.

The Instructure learning platform is an open, reliable and extensible learning ecosystem enabling a digital learning environment for educators, students and institutions. The platform is made up of several key pillars, such as assessment, professional development and analysis, which work together to enrich, support and connect all aspects of teaching and learning. The Canvas family of tools is the learning management backbone of the Instructure learning platform.


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