On October 20, 2022, Dmitry Ligatyuk and Evgeny Shaforostov, pilots of the Kaliningrad branch of the North-Western Basin branch of the FSUE “Rosmorport”, successfully completed a complex piloting of the towing caravan in the Kaliningrad seaport , says the Rosmorport press center.

The towing caravan included four tugs and an AMT Carrier barge with oversized cargo – an upper structure of an oil rig. The oil rig was over 60 m wide, twice the size of the ship allowed for pilotage in the Kaliningrad Sea Channel (up to 32 m).

In order to perform the task safely, the specialists of the Pilotage Service of the Kaliningrad Directorate, together with the services of the Captain of the Kaliningrad Seaport and the developer of the project, carried out careful preparatory calculation work, which allowed to determine if the operation was possible and how many tugs were needed for safe pilotage, as well as permitted restrictions on weather and other conditions.

In March 2022, a computer simulation of the piloting of the installation along the Kaliningrad Sea Canal and its mooring at the quay of LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft LLC was carried out on the navigation simulator of the autonomous vocational educational institution of the State “Admiral Senyavin Maritime Technical College”. The results of the simulation confirmed the calculations of the pilots of the Kaliningrad management on the possibility of safe piloting and mooring of the barge AMT Carrier with the transported oversized cargo.

The successful piloting operation on the transport platform will contribute to the realization of the project to build an offshore fixed platform on the continental shelf of the Baltic Sea in order to develop the D33 oil field.


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