As an exclusive trading destination for RoRa asset-backed cryptocurrency coins, the NYXEX platform is now welcoming pre-registration as it gears up for a full launch in the coming months.

Now open for pre-registration, NYXEX is entering its next phase, slated for full launch in the coming months. The platform, an exclusive destination for RoRa asset-backed cryptocurrency coins, as well as over 15 major cryptocurrencies in circulation, will provide users with an easy-to-use and convenient platform to trade at any time. , anywhere. Accessible on both desktop computers as well as Android and iOS, NYXEX is designed for seamless use, without the complication or confusion often associated with other trading tools on the market today.

By opening pre-registration, NYXEX is welcoming the first wave of interested individuals and organizations looking to make buying, selling and trading easier. Additionally, those who pre-register will gain access to exclusive RoRa coins including; RoRa Gold™, RoRa Oil™, RoRa Prime™, RoRa Emeralds™, RoRa Diamonds™, RoRa Rubies™ and more to come. These asset-backed coins are driven by an economic algorithm and are based on multiple asset classes, allowing coin holders to increase their wealth and capture a significant share of the growing cryptocurrency market. . As RoRa’s dividends and crypto trading assets grow, so does the proportion of profits shared among users. The physical representation of these digital assets in the real world serves to secure value and grow wealth on an unprecedented scale.

Using the mutually beneficial architecture employed by NYXEX and hosted RoRa coins, platform users benefit from the scalability, efficiency, and gains of a predictable digital currency that avoids volatility and resists fluctuations. market size based on the reserves of their assets. This partnership also offers a unique synergy of the most modern cryptocurrency capabilities combined with the safest, most secure and easiest means of trading on the blockchain.

Interested persons are encouraged to pre-register via the NYXEX site at, where they will receive key announcements and information regarding the platform launch, upcoming news and updated features.


NYXEX is a digital asset trading platform created to break down the accessibility barriers of decentralized trading, enabling anyone, anywhere to buy, sell and grow their wealth. By simplifying the buying and selling of digital assets and revolutionizing current business paradigms, NYXEX leads the industry in innovation and user experience.

NYXEX’s objective is clear; to provide a user-friendly, transparent and secure platform for everyone to trade with confidence. To this end, NYXEX has assembled a team of leading professionals who are passionate about making digital asset trading more accessible, while continuously innovating, evolving and improving.

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Company Name: NYXEX
Contact person: Cora Muller
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Call: +370 8 800 80 047
Town: dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates


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