Oklo (Pvt) Limited, a Sri Lankan solution provider for the Colombo Tea e-Auction platform, has recently added a brand new segment for factories in its SmartAuction platform. This new feature gives more than 650 factories the ability to rate and grade teas within the system, print final catalogs, real-time and after-sales reports, and see their tea variants updated. live auctions.

For the first time, a live auction participation option was launched for all stakeholders and factories in the country’s 150-year auction history. The availability of this platform would now allow the tea growing community to benefit from newly added or improved features similar to those of other stakeholders.

As tea is the most important commodity sold at auction in Sri Lanka, it is also one of the biggest contributors to the local economy. As Ceylon Tea has already acquired a global name, the brand image has allowed Sri Lanka to be placed on the map as an influential tea producing entity. At the same time, this feature can also be used by other organizations that trade products such as rubber, spices, and coconut. Being present via an e-Auction opens the way to more competition between buyers and sellers.

Oklo, Managing Director, Thilanka Withanage said, “Since the Colombo Tea online auction went live on the Oklo SmartAuction platform, the team has released advanced features for all stakeholders. With the release of the latest version, all Sri Lankan tea factories can now have full access to the platform like all other stakeholders. Our goal is to maintain consistency in the face of technological innovation and accelerate our nation’s rise in the digital realm. We will continue to utilize our nation’s talents and create cutting-edge, practical and impactful products that will mark innovative breakthroughs.

Pasindu Pieris, Vice President of the Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association, said, “This state-of-the-art solution from Oklo provided to the tea industry brings together all aspects of shipping tea from the factory to the point where it is sold at auction. through calls for tenders. Now we can see our tea variants being auctioned directly from our factory premises. The platform provides transparency and traceability while improving efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Oklo is a Sri Lankan technology solutions provider with current solution offerings in the travel and commerce industries.

It was founded in 2011 and has grown to become one of the key players in the travel IT industry, catering to some of the biggest blue chip companies.


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