Whenever Padma Lakshmi is on my TV screen, there are two things I can count on: the first is that I will order Seamless and the second is that I will admire her incredibly radiant and gorgeous complexion.

The TV host and author recently broke down the details of her beauty routine at vogue and there were some notable takeaways, such as the fact that she drinks 2-3 liters of water a day and has a beehive on her terrace from which she collects honey. Her decades in front of a camera also exposed her to many beauty products and insider knowledge, which she used to hone her own makeup arsenal, and one of those products is Laura Mercier’s Pure Canvas Primer.

Lakshmi said that when it comes to her on-camera look, her goal is to even out her skin tone and neutralize hyperpigmentation, and as such, she starts her routine with primer. It’s a smart choice, packed with SPF protection and vitamins C and E to brighten and hydrate skin. One coat of this product will seal in your skincare routine and lock in environmental toxins, while creating a smooth base to build on for the rest of your makeup.


Buy now: $40; sephora.com

While there are plenty of great products in the range to focus on (I’ll still love the Caviar Eyeshadow Stick), Lakshmi is not the only one to highlight Laura Mercier’s primers; other celebrity fans include dakota johnson and Olivia Culpo. Buyers are equally impressed with the Pure Canvas Primer. “I’ll come home after a busy day in bad weather and look like I did when I left home. It’s truly breathtaking,” wrote one five-star reviewer. Another buyer loves this primer so much that he uses it every day even though they don’t leave the house thanks to its “lightweight texture” and the way it “lightly covers the pores”.

Along with praise from Padma Lakshmi (not to mention other celebrities), several buyers claim to be repeat buyers and say this primer is worth it. Direction Sephora to get your own tube, today.


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